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Lord Eric Mukherjee
Noted Subjects:
General, History, Science, Japan, World Mythology, and Comic Books
Current Collegiate Team University of Pennsylvania (2010-)
Past Collegiate Teams Brown
High School Team Washburn Rural High School
Middle School Team None

His Holiness Sri Sri Lord Eric Mukherjee, King of UCS and Grand Guru of Science[1] is a multiple-choice genius, political dissident, and Grand Guru of Science. Eric is the best biology and chemistry player in the history of the game and is often considered the best overall science player ever [2]. Eric played as an undergraduate at Brown helping them to several second place finishes at ACF Nationals and is currently an MD-PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania.


Undergraduate Career

Eric was previously a student at Brown, where he served as vice president of the club after randomly running into Jerry Vinokurov in the mailroom. Despite invariably getting dragged into Jerry's crazy transportation schemes, he respectfully referred/refers to him as "fearless leader"; the pair formed a solid one-two punch. He helped the team to two 2nd place finishes at ACF nationals and high finishes elsewhere.

He is known for maintaining his good humor under most circumstances; notable exceptions include the Boston mirror of Moon Pie 2007, where he and teammate Dennis Jang, a model of level-headedness, almost spontaneously combusted due to the sheer amount of funn. The experience gave him a burning desire to not only get revenge on MIT A, but also write a good tournament to erase the memory. He accomplished both at Deep Bench 2007 at Brandeis and with EFT2, respectively.

His junior and senior year also saw several notable victories (mainly a 2nd place finish at ACF Nationals 2008), though he was forced to miss both nationals his senior year due to interviews. During that time, he managed to win Chicago Open 2008 on a team with Matt Weiner, Jerry Vinokurov, and Jonathan Magin and placed 2nd in CO 2009 with Ted Gioia, Dallas Simons, and Jerry Vinokurov while tying Vinokurov in scoring in the latter instance.

Graduate Career

His time at Penn has seen somewhat of a decrease in his playing time, but he managed to chock up some impressive wins while leading Penn to a third place finish at the 2010 ICT. After spending the 2011 nationals season within the death grip of a hospital ward (as a student, not a patient), he returned to active competition in 2012, leading a team of Saajid Moyen, Patrick Liao, and James Lasker - two freshmen and a sophomore - to a 4th place finish at 2012 ACF Nationals. The acquisition of Dallas Simons led Penn to more high finishes in the 2012-13 season.

While his proficiency in science and Asia is universally acknowledged, he has developed into an dangerous generalist who is especially knowledgeable about visual art, mythology, and history.


Eric is one of the best--and most sought after--science writers in contemporary quizbowl. He served as the head editor for the Lederberg Memorial Science, was a co-editor of the 2009 ACF Regionals, and edited science for the 2007 Chicago Open, Gaddis II, and The Emergency. His writing outside of science has often been overlooked, but he has been one of the most important writers of accessible tournaments; he edited several successful incarnations of the Early Fall Tournament by nitpicking every question to death and was the driving force behind the second iteration of THUNDER. However, his writing has been plagued by an inordinate number of comic book questions that are rarely answered before the giveaway.


He is also known for his namesake laws and for the unhealthy amount of interest that the Quizbowl IRC channel has in his love life. Said channel also recently dubbed him the best player to never have won a national championship, though this is easily disputable.


  • DE
  • Dark Eric
  • Mukherjee
  • Lord Eric Mukherjee
  • Mukherjesus

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