Jacob O'Rourke

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Jacob O'Rourke
Noted Subjects:
History, Sports, Theater Lit, Visual Arts
Current Collegiate Team None
Past Collegiate Teams Truman State (2010-2014)
High School Team Pacific (2009-2010); Kirksville (2012-2014) [Assistant Coach]; Washington (Missouri High School) (2014-Present) [Assistant Coach]
Middle School Team None

Jacob O'Rourke is a former quiz bowl player for Truman State. Jacob writes for HSAPQ, and is also a member of MOQBA and staffs several high school tournaments throughout the state. From 2012-2014, Jacob served as an assistant coach for Kirksville. He currently serves as HSAPQ's Host Contact and as a volunteer Assistant Coach at Washington.


Playing History

High School

Only playing for his senior year of high school in the MSHSAA format, Jacob did not encounter good quiz bowl until his first practice at Truman State University.



Tournaments Played


Tournaments Played

Notable Finishes

  • Third at SCT; qualified the team for ICT.


Tournaments Played

Notable Finishes

  • First Place at 2013 ACF Regionals


Tournaments Played

Notable Finishes


  • 2012 Early Autumn Collegiate Novice (Writer)
  • 2012 and 2013 CMST sets (served as bid coordinator in 2013)
  • HSAPQ: Freelance Writer (2012-2014); Full Writer (2014-Present)
  • Missouri Open 2013 History Writer/Editor
  • PADAWAN writer training tournament (Wrote History, Literature, Mythology Tossups)