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Rancho Bernardo High School
San Diego, CA
Coaches player coached
State championships NAQT SoCal 2009
National championships none
Nationals appearances HSNCT: 2007-2013
PACE NSC: 2010
Program status active

Rancho Bernardo is a public high school located in a northern community of the city of San Diego. They started playing NAQT events around 2004 or so and is expanding into other formats.


Local Results

  • Won the 2010 San Diego Academic League County Championship
  • Won the 2009 San Diego Academic League County Championship

National Results

  • HSNCT 2011- t33rd
  • HSNCT 2010- t27nd
  • HSNCT 2009- t11th, 87th
  • HSNCT 2008- t53rd, 69th
  • HSNCT 2007- t33rd

Current players

Notable former players