Tommy Casalaspi

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Tommy Casalaspi
Noted Subjects:
Literature, Music, Science
Current Collegiate Team Virginia (2011-)
Past Collegiate Teams VCU (dual enrolled, 2009-2011)
High School Team Maggie Walker (2007-2011)
Middle School Team None

Tommy Casalaspi plays for UVA and played for Maggie Walker A since his sophomore year of high school.

He is known for playing well at college tournaments from an early age, including competitive finishes playing with Matt Weiner and Evan Adams at Sun N' Fun 2009 and with Guy Tabachnick at 2009's Chicago Open Literature Doubles. While taking dual-enrollment VCU classes, Tommy played for VCU at such tournaments as 2010 ACF Winter and 2011 ICT Division I. At Virginia, Tommy was a major contributor on the teams that won ICT 2012, ICT 2014, and ACF Nationals 2014.

Tommy freelanced for ACF Nationals 2009, wrote the Tyrone Slothrop memorial lit tournament as a side event for Sun-n-Fun 2009, attempted to write CaTO/TaCO with Cameron Orth, and wrote several difficulty-inappropriate tossups for GSAC XVII his junior year. His reputation for writing difficult questions has since been turned back by many of his extremely accessible questions for GSAC XVIII, which he edited, and HSAPQ, for which he is currently the Literature subject editor.