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"stanford housewrite"
Competition season 2015–2016
School(s) Stanford
Head editor(s) Stephen Liu
Difficulty Nats-minus
First mirror February 2, 2016
Announcement link
Packets link

"stanford housewrite" was a nats-minus housewrite by Stanford for the 2016 season. The official name of the set is in lowercase with quotation marks.

The set introduced the concept of "Nationals-minus" difficulty, which it described as "noticeably harder than tournaments such as ACF Regionals and Penn Bowl, but not as hard as ACF Nationals or last year’s George Oppen."[1]

Evaluation of difficulty

Because many teams played both "stanford housewrite" and 2016 ACF Nationals two months later with the exact same lineups, the concept of "nats-minus" difficulty can be evaluated by directly comparing metrics:

"stanford housewrite" 2016 ACF Nationals
Berkeley A 19.55 1.81 17.02 1.30
Chicago A 21.32 0.86 20.29 0.50
Chicago B 17.46 1.69 14.23 2.24
Maryland 20.40 1.20 18.48 1.11
Michigan 21.77 1.00 20.22 1.05
Minnesota 19.05 1.70 16.05 2.10
Oxford 18.14 2.00 15.03 1.70

* DTG = dead tossups per game involving this team, incorporating both their skill and that of their total opponents

Every team had a higher PPB at Stanford Housewrite than ACF Nationals, and those who had common lineups had a higher PPB still at ACF Regionals, suggesting that the "between Regionals and Nationals" difficulty was achieved in the bonus questions.

Four of the seven teams experienced more dead tossups at Stanford Housewrite than at Nationals, suggesting that tossups were less well-calibrated. A lack of buzzpoint data at both tournaments and the non-use of powers at Nationals precludes exploring issues such as how deep tossups went on average before being answered.


Region Host Date TD Champion Runner-up High scorer Stats
West Coast Stanford 2/27/2016 Austin Brownlow "Carson et al."
(Rob Carson, Andrew Hart, Jerry Vinokurov, Jay Bhasin)
Berkeley A Rob Carson Round Robin + Final
Mid-Atlantic Maryland 2/27/2016 Naveed Chowdhury Chicago A Maryland Jordan Brownstein Round Robin + Final
Canada Waterloo 2/27/2016 Isaac Thiessen "Joe Su, Jay of Huma-n's Desiring"
(Joe Su, Jay Misuk, Huma Zafar)
"Party Crashers" Jay Misuk
Midwest Chicago 3/5/2016 Athena Kern WUSTL "Kurtis et al"
(Kurtis Droge, Billy Busse, Morgan Venkus, Chinmay Kansara)
Mike Sorice Prelims+Playoffs+Final
South Alabama 3/5/2016 Jake Sundberg "Make Alabama Great Again"
(Jake Sundberg, Eric Douglass, Bryn Douglass, Dargan Ware)
"John Milnor's Exotic Vacation"
(Billy Beyer, Nick Collins, Jeb Houston, Madeline Carlisle)
Billy Beyer Combined
UK Oxford 3/5/2016 Daoud Jackson Oxford A "Bayley's British Cream"
(Ian Bayley, Edmund Dickinson, Mark Grant, Jonathan Elliot)
Joey Goldman Combined
Skype cancelled
Great Plains Oklahoma 3/19/2016 Caleb Kendrick "Kendrick"
(Caleb Kendrick)
(Finn Bender, Dustin Austin)
Caleb Kendrick Prelims (Official)

The Oklahoma mirror was only 7 rounds and was forced to change formats after its fifth round when two of the eight total players spread across its five teams had to leave. The remaining players were consolidated into "Oklahoma" and "Other Dudes" for the last two rounds".

Many of the sites also mirrored Christmas Present and Cottage Bowl.


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