1988 PAC

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1988 Panasonic Academic Challenge
Champion Rockville
Runner-up Tennessee
Third Ward Melville
Fourth Caddo Magnet
Fifth Florida All-Stars
Sixth Norcross
All-America Team --
Not named Not named
Not named Not named
Not named Not named

This tournament used the name "National Tournament of Academic Excellence." It took place at Disney World from June 11 to 13, and is thus the first tournament in the series of nationals that became Panasonic. A 31-team field, representing 30 states and Guam, participated under the sponsorship of the Florida Department of Education and Disney.

The score of the finals game was Maryland 209, Tennessee 189, New York 180, Louisiana 161, Florida 145, Georgia 136.

The winning team members received $2000 scholarships, a computer, and a gold ring. Second-place team members got $1000 scholarships. The third-place team members received $500 scholarships.

One question from this tournament was, "If Eli Whitney went to the circus, what might he eat, for which he invented a gin?" Others included "Give the name of the use for precipitating confusion" and "Name the three periods of the Mesozoic Era."

1988 Panasonic Academic Challenge
1989 PAC