2004 HSNCT

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Champion Thomas Jefferson
Runner-up Maggie Walker
Third St. Johns
Fourth DCC
High scorer Jason Loy, Cutter Morning Star (AR)
Editor/s NAQT
Site Houston (Park Plaza Reliant Center)

The 2004 High School National Championship was won by Thomas Jefferson, a team consisting of Sam Lederer, Steven Young, Will Sullivan, and Jacob Oppenheim. The tournament was held at Park Plaza Reliant Center in Houston, Texas, and was co-sponsored by the Texas Quiz Bowl Alliance. There were 64 teams in attendance. This would be the last HSNCT to be held outside of Rosemont, Illinois until 2011.

Tournament results

Thomas Jefferson beat Maggie Walker in the finals 375-290, becoming the first team to win the championship without suffering a loss in the tournament. They joined DCC as only the second two-time winner of the HSNCT. In making the finals, Maggie Walker joined those two schools in being the only other team to this time to make the finals twice. St. John's finished third after losing to Maggie Walker in the seventh round of the consolation bracket. DCC defeated State College 315-215 for fourth place.

In the small school division, Cutter Morning Star (AR), which finished in a tie for sixth overall, defeated Kent City (MI) by a score of 370-90. White Cloud (MI) finished third, defeating Taylor County (FL) in the first round of the small school playoff

Top 12 teams:

Rank Team Rank Team
1. Thomas Jefferson 6t. Dorman
2. Maggie Walker 8t. Solon
3. St. John's 8t. Dorman "B"
4. Detroit Catholic Central 8t. Rufus King
5. State College 8t. Irmo
6t. Cutter Morning Star 8t. Central-Macon

Top 4 Small Schools:

Rank Team Overall Finish
1. Cutter Morning Star 6t.
2. Kent City 41t
3. White Cloud 41t
2. Taylor County 41t

Individual results

The following eight players were named to the tournament "All-Star Team". This was the first tournament at which NAQT recognized an All-Star Team.

Rank Player Team Rank Player Team
1. Jason Loy Cutter Morning Star 5. Joel Knight Detroit Catholic Central
2. Noah Rahman Solon 6. Kevin Koai Mission San Jose
3. Slade Gilmer Russellville 7. David Rappaport Andover
4. John Zhang Dunbar 8. Daniel Bingham-Pankratz Rufus King

In addition:

  • Noah Rahman, Joel Knight, and Kevin Koai were recognized as the three top scoring non-seniors.

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