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The 2008 Chicago A-team finished second at the 2008 ICT and finished first at 2008 ACF Nationals, the second consecutive ACF title for Chicago.

Championship Team Composition

The ICT team was composed of Seth Teitler, Seth Samelson, Kannan Mahadevan and David Seal.

The ACF Nats team was composed of Seth Teitler, Selene Koo and Susan Ferrari. Kannan Mahadevan was supposed to be the fourth on the team, but missed his flight. The playing team was the same as 2007's team minus Peter Austin.

Other Results

Chicago A also won the Midwest ACF Regionals (with Selene Koo, Susan Ferrari, Kannan Mahadevan and Seth Teitler), MLK (with Seth Teitler, Sam Casper and Damon Wang), WIT (with Seth Teitler, Selene Koo, Kannan Mahadevan and Steven Kaplan), and the Illinois FICHTE (with Selene Koo, Seth Teitler and David Seal), while ACF Fall was taken by Chicago B (William Dix, Lily Vonderheide, Yilei Yang and Michael Arnold).