2009 ACF Winter

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The first ACF Winter tournament was held on the weekend of January 17th/18th 2009. The head editor was Jerry Vinokurov, with assistance from Trygve Meade and Dennis Jang. The tournament took the place of the traditional MLK tournament at the University of Michigan.

The tournament was packet submission, with an intended difficulty between ACF Fall, and ACF Regionals.

Regional Host TD Winner Runner-Up Individual High Scorer
Northeast Yale Mike Bilow Brown Dartmouth Eric Mukherjee
Southeast Georgia Chris Chiego USC A FSU Billy Beyer
North Carleton Eric Hillemann Minnesota A Iowa Paul Drube
Upper Midwest Michigan Andy Kravis Chicago A Chicago B Shantanu Jha
Lower Midwest Missouri S&T Matt Chadbourne Missouri State Missouri Charlie Dees
West CalTech Micah Manary Stanford UCLA Auroni Gupta
Mid-Atlantic JSRCC Dan Goff Maryland VCU Chris Ray


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