2009 NAQT Missouri Qualifier

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2009 NAQT Missouri Qualifier
Champion North Kansas City
Runner-up Savannah
Third Francis Howell Central A, Parkway Central (tie)
Fourth n/a
High scorer Charles Hang (FHC A)
Editor/s NAQT IS-83
Site Missouri S&T
Stats Full Stats

On February 21st, 2009, Missouri S&T hosted the second ever NAQT Missouri Qualifier. Fifteen teams from twelve schools attended, forming a highly-competitive field including 4 of the 5 top teams in the 2009 moquizbowl.com midseason poll. North Kansas City, with an overall record of 10-1, won the tournament for the second consecutive year. Richland won the small school title for the second consecutive year, placing 6th overall with a 6-5 overall record.

Given the combination of field strength, playoff format, and question quality, this particular event has a strong argument for being the first truly legitimate state championship ever held in Missouri.


Teams marked with * were eligible for the small school title

Lack of Early Registration

The date for the 2009 NAQT Qualifier was tentatively announced for February 21 on July 3, 2008, and officially announced no later than November 7, 2008. About three weeks before the tournament, the field had only grown to 8 teams, which was particularly surprising because the only other announced tournament scheduled on that date was the Knob Noster tournament east of Kansas City.

The reason for this lack of registration was made clear on February 11 when MACA president Jeremy Gibbs caused a great deal of ire among members of the Missouri Academic Competition Message Board by posting the field for the Warrenton Tournament scheduled for that date. It's possible that the Warrenton tournament may have been scheduled for that date as early as the MACA convention in early Fall 2008, before the official announcement of the NAQT qualifier, but it probably wasn't planned for that date back in July. In any case, there were no tournaments in either area the previous weekend, so the conflict could easily have been avoided if Warrenton had simply announced its tournament online. Coincidentally, the 2008 Qualifier also occurred on the same day as Warrenton, though that year Warrenton's existence was known before the Qualifier was announced.

Fortunately, the qualifier's field size nearly doubled after the Warrenton announcement after a number of schools signed up in the last ten days, increasing the size of the field from 8 to 15 teams. Registration was closed with the inclusion of Richland High School, mainly due to a lack of additional room availability with several other events occurring on the Missouri S&T campus.


The tournament used NAQT IS-83 with untimed NAQT rules. The fifteen teams were divided into two preliminary pools, one of 8 and one of 7 teams, and they played a round robin. The top 4 teams from each pool then played the top 4 teams from the other pool; likewise, the teams in the consolation bracket played the consolation teams from the other preliminary pool. The champion was determined after an ACF-style playoff between the top two teams. Thus, all teams played at least 10 games (the championship bracket teams from the 8-team pool played at least 11 games as that preliminary pool did not include a bye).


After a highly competitive playoff bracket, including Francis Howell Central A's 225-220 win over North Kansas City and North Kansas City's 230-225 win over Savannah, the top 4 teams based on games against other championship bracket teams were:

  • 1. North Kansas City: 6-1 (loss to FHC A), 337.86 ppg
  • 2. Savannah: 6-1 (loss to NKC), 265 ppg
  • 3. Francis Howell Central: 5-2 (losses to Savannah and PCH), 278.6 ppg
  • 4. Parkway Central: 5-2 (losses to NKC and Savannah), 203.6 ppg

A one-game final between Savannah and North Kansas City was played. North Kansas City won the final 270-150, finishing the tournament with a 10-1 overall record, and thus became the winner of the NAQT Missouri Qualifier for the second consecutive year.

Francis Howell Central A and Parkway Central each ended with a 5-2 record against championship bracket teams; since no tiebreaker was played, both teams officially tied for third. For the sake of comparison, Francis Howell Central had 278.6 PPG and Parkway Central had 203.6 PPG against championship bracket teams, while their head-to-head match saw Parkway Central defeat Francis Howell Central A 215-160.

Richland finished sixth overall with a 6-5 overall record to claim the small school title for the second consecutive year.

Charles Hang from Francis Howell Central was the high scorer, with 97.27 PPG (106.43 PPG in preliminaries), while the top scorer on the winning team was Brandon Roney with 55.45 PPG (65 PPG in preliminaries).


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