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The 2012 Bellarmine team was very successful.

In the summer of 2011, a team of Ankit Aggarwal and Nikhil Desai won the VCU Open mirror held at Stanford over the Jeff Hoppes-led Berkeley team.

At the 2012 BARGE mirror held at Bellarmine, the team came in second place behind the Jeff Hoppes-led "Dinosaur Awareness" team.

At the Texas Invitational in 2012, the team of Ankit, Nikhil, and Sameer Rai got 2nd to Hunter at the Saturday event using the NAQT SCT questions and got 1st at the Sunday event using the ACF Regionals questions over Rice A.

At the 2012 MUT mirror held at Berkeley, Bellarmine came in second place behind the Tanay Kothari and Sam Braunfeld-led Berkeley team.

At the 2012 NAQT Northern California Championship, the Bellarmine A team came in 1st place, losing only once to the Bellarmine C team.

The Bellarmine A team of Ankit, Sameer, Nikhil, and John Cherian won the 2012 HSNCT. They are to date the only team from Northern California to win HSNCT. The team of Ankit, Sameer, and Nikhil placed 2nd in the 2012 NSC and won NASAT.

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