2018 IHSA State Championship Tournament

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The 2018 Illinois High School Association (IHSA) State Championship Tournaments will end the thirty-second State Championship Series conducted in Scholastic Bowl by the IHSA. It will be the twenty-seventh season in which there were separate State Championship Tournaments held for small schools (Class A) and large schools (Class AA). For the twenty-second year, both tournaments were held at the Peoria Civic Center. The tournaments will be held on a Friday, March 16.

This state series was the first to be written under the guidance of new head question editor Brad Fischer.


Teams were assigned to one of eight sectionals within each class. Coaches then seeded the top 8 teams in their sectional. The IHSA then assigned the seeded teams to one of four regionals (1 with 8, 2 with 7, etc), with the remainder of the teams assigned to a regional geographically. The winners of the regionals would advance to their respective sectional tournaments, where they would play a three match round robin to determine a winner. The determination of the geographic boundaries of the Sectional was arbitrarily decided by the IHSA Office. Regional tournaments were held on Monday March 5, and Sectional tournaments were held on Saturday March 10.

Tournament Format

Each round was comprised of 24 toss-ups and accompanying bonus questions.

In the State Championship Tournament, teams were randomly assigned to pools of four, and played a three match round robin. The winners of each pool advanced to the Championship Match, and the runners-up in each pool advanced to play for third place. Ties were broken by head-to-head results or total points scored among tied teams (in the event of a three-way tie).

The top four teams earned trophies and medals for team members, coaches, principals, and activities directors.


2014 Class A IHSA State Championship Tournament
State Champion:




Third Place


Fourth Place



Round Winning Team Score Losing Team Score
1 Byron 260 Riverdale 130
Maroa-Forsyth 450 Robinson 120
2 Robinson 280 Riverdale 160
Byron 340 Maroa-Forsyth 190
3 Maroa-Forsyth 350 Riverdale 90
Byron 290 Robinson 220


Round Winning Team Score Losing Team Score
1 Beacon Academy 390 Johnston City 220
Williamsville 420 Southwestern 290
2 Southwestern 370 Beacon Academy 290
Williamsville 590 Johnston City 140
3 Williamsville 420 Beacon Academy 150
Southwestern 430 Johnston City 140

Third Place

Winning Team Score Losing Team Score
Southwestern 420 Maroa-Forsyth 210


Winning Team Score Losing Team Score
Williamsville 500 Byron 120


2014 Class AA IHSA State Championship Tournament
State Champion:




Third Place


Fourth Place



Round Winning Team Score Losing Team Score
1 Auburn 520 Sandburg 330
Latin 520 Mater Dei 190
2 Auburn 620 Mater Dei 130
Sandburg 410 Latin 230
3 Auburn 570 Latin 230
Sandburg 500 Mater Dei 180


Round Winning Team Score Losing Team Score
1 Stevenson 700 Macomb 100
IMSA 530 UIUC Lab 370
2 Stevenson 460 IMSA 340
UIUC Lab 550 Macomb 280
3 Stevenson 570 UIUC Lab 270
IMSA 610 Macomb 200

Third Place

Winning Team Score Losing Team Score
IMSA 600 Sandburg 180


Winning Team Score Losing Team Score


  • The 2018 State Series was the first to feature questions edited by Brad Fischer. The result was record scoring at the regional and sectional levels.
  • Stevenson became the fourth team to place in the top 4 in at least 10 IHSA tournaments.
  • Sandburg became the first Class AA team from the South Suburbs of Chicago to place in the state tournament.

IHSA State Championship

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