2018 MSNCT

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Champion Pi-oneers
Runner-up BASIS Silicon Valley A
Third Longfellow A
Fourth Challenger-Berryessa A
High scorer Shiva Oswal
Editor/s NAQT
Site Chicago, Illinois
Stats [1]

The 2018 MSNCT was held from May 11-13 2017 at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago, Illinois. Pi-oneers (Cupertino, California) won the tournament, defeating BASIS Silicon Valley A 490-335 in the first game of an advantaged final. Longfellow A finished third, and Challenger-Berryessa A claimed fourth place. 192 teams participated.


Each team at the 2018 MSNCT played eight preliminary rounds. Midtown Classical A held the first seed after defeating Pi-oneers 420-270 to claim an 8-0 record. Teams had to have at least a 5-3 record to advance to the double-elimination playoff. Pi-oneers remained undefeated throughout the playoffs.

NAQT gave out All-Star awards to the top 30 players in the tournament, and Rising Star awards to the top eight non-eighth grade players. The top All-Star was Shiva Oswal (145.31 PPG), who was followed by Karsten Rynearson (137.37 PPG) and Robert Muniz (106.84 PPG), respectively.

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