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|previous = [[2018 ICT]]
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[[Category:National championships]]
[[Category:National championships]]
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Champion Yale A
Runner-up Columbia A
Third Chicago A
Fourth Minnesota A
High scorer Adam Silverman
Undergrad Champion Michigan State
Undergrad Runner-up Amherst
Undergrad High scorer Jakob Myers
Site Hyatt Regency O'Hare (Rosemont, IL)
Field 35
Stats [1]

The 2019 NAQT Intercollegiate Championship Tournament was hosted at the Hyatt Regency O'Hare in Chicago, Illinois. Yale University held onto their 2018 title, winning the Division I championship in the first game of an advantaged final over Columbia A. Chicago A placed third.

Michigan State won the Division I Undergraduate title over Amherst while, in Division II, Maryland B defeated Chicago D to take the title.

The tournament, continuing NAQT's sponsorship agreement with LetterOne, used the same expanded format as 2018's iteration. It was revealed that NAQT's ruleset had not updated to reflect the new format, meaning that an alphabetic tiebreaker was still in use to determine playoff seedings between teams with identical prelim records. This affected Berkeley and Florida and more egregiously Amherst and Maryland A, but did not ultimately impact the final placement of the tournament. The resulting controversy inspired an angry post by Conor Thompson; amusingly, even Conor's facetious name of "Ann Arbor Campus, University of Michigan" would lose an alphabetical tiebreaker to Amherst.

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