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The 2019 "NHBB" Discord Tournament, also known colloquially as "NHBB Online", was an online history bee-style "tournament" (or scrimmage) held during April 2019 on Discord. It was principally run by eighth-grader Ameya Singh of Laurel Springs, who conceived the initial idea. It had a small field, and was won by Sam Brochin.

While there were many problems with the event, the tournament was little-staffed, and had people working round-the-clock to write questions. As a result, tournament directors were forced to use tossups from previous packets, though they have acknowledged their mistakes, and have vowed to move on.

A minor aspect of the controversy concerned the name: the tournament's name seemed to suggest affiliation with NHBB, but in fact the tournament was in no way connected to NHBB or International Academic Competitions, it merely sought to emulate some stylistic aspects thereof.

These events may have been partly or wholly responsible for HSQB adding a separate subforum for open practices, scrimmages, and playtesting, along with rules governing announcements for events using old questions.

Packets used

Samples from the prelims include: