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ACF Nationals is the national championship of ACF format. It is roughly equal in difficulty to the other national tournament, NAQT ICT, but differs by using the ACF distribution and format. Like other ACF events, it is packet-submission.

More information on editors and circumstances of ACF Nationals can be found at the ACF page.

Beginning in 2008, ACF Nationals crowned Undergraduate and Division II champions in addition to overall champions. Unlike at NAQT ICT, the Division II title is awarded to the highest-finishing Division II team in the overall field, rather than being played in a separate tournament. Unofficial winners by the current criteria are noted for pre-2008 tournaments, when known.

Top Finishers of ACF Nationals

Year Champion Second Third Fourth UG Champion DII Champion Host
1991 Tennessee A Georgia Tech A Maryland A NC State Tennessee
1993 Chicago A Maryland Harvard A Harvard B Maryland
1994 Chicago A Maryland A Brigham Young A Maryland B Maryland A* Maryland
1995 Harvard Georgia Tech A Berkeley South Carolina Georgia Tech A* Tennessee
1996 Georgia Tech A Maryland A Virginia A Illinois A Maryland A* Tennessee
1997 Virginia A Chicago A Maryland A Georgia Tech A Virginia A* Carleton* Illinois
1998 Virginia Harvard A Maryland Oklahoma South Carolina* Harvard B* Maryland
1999 Chicago A Maryland Illinois A Berkeley Texas* Arkansas* Chicago
2000 Chicago A Illinois Harvard Virginia Princeton A* Princeton B* Maryland
2001 Michigan A Virginia Michigan B Kentucky Berry* Michigan C* Michigan
2002 Michigan A Kentucky Princeton A Virginia Princeton A* Texas A&M B* George Washington
2003 Berkeley Michigan A Kentucky Texas A&M Harvard* Princeton* Georgia Tech
2004 Chicago A Berkeley Texas A&M Kentucky Harvard A* Harvard B* Maryland
2005 Michigan A Chicago A Berkeley Princeton Harvard* Chicago C* Northwestern
2006 Texas A&M Michigan Chicago A Illinois Chicago B* None** Michigan
2007 Chicago A Brown Texas A&M VCU Carleton* Illinois B* Vanderbilt
2008 Chicago A Brown Maryland Illinois Minnesota Minnesota Brandeis
2009 Chicago A Brown Stanford Minnesota A Minnesota A Ike Jose WUSTL

  • †tournament was not held in 1992
  • *unofficial
  • **no D2-eligible teams participated


National Champions List: