Aadi Karthik

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Aadi Karthik
Noted subjects Science, Fine Arts, Generalism
High school Lambert (2018-2022)
HSQB profile etotheipi
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Aadi Karthik is a senior at Lambert High School in Georgia. Noted for his strong generalism and scaling ability, he led Lambert to a T-19th finish at the 2021 HSNCT and an 8th-place finish at the 2021 NSC, where he led the field in scoring and power count as a junior. He also was the top scorer on the Georgia NASAT team that placed 2nd at the 2021 NASAT, where he once again led the field in scoring.

Aadi was a major contributor to the Southeast-Midwest Housewrite, writing a large number of questions for the set.