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The San Diego County Academic League is a loose confederation of four independent regional Academic Leagues that send their champions to compete in the televised (on ITV) San Diego County tournament each year.


The individual Academic Leagues have been in existence since the 1980s and possibly back to the 1970s. While they are all linked together by serving as qualifiers for the San Diego County Academic League tournament (overseen by the San Diego County Board of Education), they all have their own unique traditions, procedures, and question sources. They are also united by a common scoring system, wherein a correct tossup is worth 3 points and bonuses are 3 parts worth 1, 3, or 5 points for 1, 2, or 3 correct answers, respectively, though the San Diego City League has broken with that and adopted regular quizbowl scoring as of 2015-2016. Despite recent efforts by participating teams, only the San Diego City and the Metro Conference have adopted pyramidal questions. The remaining two divisions are still undoubtedly bad quizbowl

North County Academic League

Total Number of Participating Schools: 28

Current Champion: Torrey Pines High

Region: All schools north of San Diego Unified and Grossmont Unified within San Diego county (including the northern parts of the city of San Diego not covered by San Diego Unified).

Question Source: Coach-submitted database of mostly speedchecks, with verbatim repeats

Levels: Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Freshman

San Diego City Academic League

Total Number of Participating Schools: 24

Current Champion: La Jolla High

Region: Consists of all schools within San Diego Unified as well as most of the nearby private schools including Bishop's and Francis Parker.

Question Source: NAQT (as of 2015-2016)

Levels: Varsity, Junior Varsity, Novice

Grossmont Academic League

Also called the East County League

Total Number of Participating Schools: 11

Current Champion: Santana High

Region: All schools within the Grossmont Unified District of Eastern San Diego County

Question Source: Speedchecks written by league commissioners each year

Levels: Varsity, Junior Varsity

Metro Conference Academic League

Also called the Sweetwater or South Bay League

Total Number of Participating Schools: 14

Current Champion: Olympian High

Region: All schools within the Sweetwater Unified District of Southern San Diego County

Question Source: NAQT from MS sets (JV) and IS-A sets (Varsity)

Levels: Varsity, Junior Varsity

Varsity Champions

Due to so-far scant information, it is difficult to come up with a list of historical champions. Anyone with knowledge of Academic League champions or second place teams is encouraged to add to the table. Final game scores, if known, are listed in parentheses.

Year Overall Champion Second Place
1991 La Jolla (140) Santana (20)
2000 Hilltop (72) Granite Hills (32)
2003 Scripps Ranch
2004 Mt. Carmel Scripps Ranch
2005 Southwest (124) La Jolla (53)
2006 Rancho Buena Vista (79) Southwest (66)
2007 Torrey Pines (62) Southwest (47)
2008 Eastlake (73) Scripps Ranch (48)
2009 Rancho Bernardo (109) Francis Parker (53)
2010 Rancho Bernardo
2011 Torrey Pines (169) Canyon Crest (63)
2012 Torrey Pines
2013 Westview (88) Rancho Bernardo (73)