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Alpharetta Raiders
AHS Raider Logo.jpg
Alpharetta, GA
Club President None
Coaches Derek Wright
State Championships
National Championships
National Appearances HSNCT: 2013, 2015, 2016
PACE: 2010, 2011, 2016
NHBB: 2013
Program Status Active
School Size 2066

Alpharetta High School is a public high school located in Alpharetta, Georgia and a part of the 6A division for GHSA and competition in GATA.


At its first national competition, the Alpharetta team tied for 16th at the 2010 NSC. The team's only other national appearance was at the 2011 NSC, where they met their greatest finish of 11th. Both years, the team consisted of Nandhini Sundaresan, William Horton, Kunal Naik, and Gautam Narula. In 2010, William Horton was 13th highest scorer after prelims, and in 2011, he was 10th.

In the 2011-2012 season, with only Kunal remaining on the team, Alpharetta did not attend a national tournament despite qualifying for both and consistently placing well.

In the 2012-2013 season, the A team (consisting of the sophomores on the team) qualified for the HSNCT at the Walton Academic Competition by becoming quarterfinalists and for the NSC at the Brookwood Invitational being quarterfinalists. At GATA Fall, the team placed 2nd and placed 3rd at the Cedar Shoal JV Jag Bowl. At GATA Winter, the team, with many players missing, made it to the octofinals. At the BDAT, the team placed 6th. At CATT, they once again were quarterfinalists. In February, the team had its best finish of the year, 4th at the Bulldog Brawl.

At the state History Bee and Bowl, the A team won the JV division and both teams qualified for nationals. One player, William Chang qualified for the National History Bee. Shubhom Bhattacharya and Ranjani Sundaresan both qualified for the National Geography Challenge. At Centennial's 2nd annual ATTACK, the team placed in the second bracket.

At Georgia JV State, in the extremely competitive 6A division, the team placed 4th, while lacking a couple of players. At the Georgia Varsity State Tournament, in the same division, ended up placing 6th. The team ended its season by participating in the National History Bowl Competition in Washington D.C. and the HSNCT in Atlanta.

In the 2013-2014 season, the same A team as years past made their debut at the Walton Academic Competition, where they placed 4th, once again qualifying for the HSNCT. Next, the JV team, led by Shubhom Bhattacharya, was able to secure 3rd place at the GATA Fall tournament. The A team's next performance proved to be one of their best, at the GATA Winter tournament, where they were able to win the entire competition, something that hadn't been accomplished in Alpharetta history in over 2 years. In the last tournament of the first semester, Alpharetta placed 4th at CATT IX in an extremely competitive field.

The second semester began with a disappointing 7th place at Marist's Winter Invitational Tournament run the Harvard Fall set. This was followed by a t-5th placement at Cedar Shoals' Bulldog Brawl, with the eliminating and only loss to Dorman A. After this, there was the BHSAT mirror at Georgia Tech, where the team placed 4th by losing out on PPG in a circle of death by 2 PPG - equivalent to 10 points. Soon after, the Alpharetta JV team made history by winning JV State in the 6A division. The following weekend, the Varsity tournament would clear the field of ATTACK III to win the competition. During this tournament, they were able to get their highest score in many years 645-10, nearly getting a grail, with 19 tossups answered.


Alpharetta has hosted a Alpharetta JV event almost every year for the past few years. The team also hosted a middle school tournament and a varsity tournament in the 2010-2011 season.

Current Roster

  • William Chang (2015) (Varsity Captain)
  • Nikhil Sethi (2015)
  • Bhanodai Pippala (2015)
  • Ranjani Sundaresan (2015)
  • Christian Sorenson (2015)
  • Philip Rabenold (2015)
  • Ajay Desai (2015)
  • Taylor Havrilak (2015)
  • Rick Saha (2015)
  • Shubhom Bhattacharya (2016) (JV Captain)
  • Ben Dugger (2016)
  • Michael Horton (2016)
  • James Fielding (2016)
  • Nishant Reddy (2016)
  • Manu Poruthoor (2016)
  • Kate Nelson (2016)
  • Manu Poruthoor (2016)
  • Joel Pozin (2016)
  • Arnav Arora (2016)
  • Achintya Arora (2016)

Notable Alumni

  • Thomas Fielding (2009)
  • William Horton (2011)
  • Nandhini Sundaresan (2011)
  • Gautam Narula (2011)
  • Kunal Naik (2012)
  • Austin Duffield (2012)

Georgia NASAT team members

  • William Horton (2011)
  • Kunal Naik (2012)
  • Shubhom Bhattacharya (2014)

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