Ameya Singh

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Ameya Singh
Noted Subjects:
History, Geography, Sports, Current Events
Current Collegiate Team None
Past Collegiate Teams None
High School Team Laurel Springs (2019-)
Middle School Team Laurel Springs (2017 - 2019), Homeschool (2015 - 2017)

Ameya Singh is a self-proclaimed NHBB/Quizbowl enthusiast and allegedly a player from Laurel Springs (Class of 2023). He is a noted computer science and hockey analytics geek and became the founder and de facto club president of the Laurel Springs QB/NHBB team.


Singh made his NHBB debut at the 2016 MS NHBB Los Angeles Regionals, where he placed 2nd, qualifying for Nationals. At the NHBB Nationals in Chicago, Singh ranked 22nd nationwide at the Elementary Bee.

Following a hiatus in the 16-17 season, he continued competing in regional NHBB events for the next 2 years, his most notable accomplishments being winning the JV Bee at the 2018 NHBB SoCal Championships, and a solo win at the MS Bowl at the 2019 NHBB SoCal Championships. He also had back-to-back wins at the 2018 and 2019 MS SoCal Regional Bees.

Ameya made his quizbowl debut at Prison Bowl XII Online. He was a member of the Dal-Cal Gang team that placed 3rd at the 2020 EFT Online Mirror.