Andrew Brantley

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James Andrew Brantley III, Esq.
Noted Subjects:
History, Economics
Current Collegiate Team None
Past Collegiate Teams WUSTL (2004-2008),
High School Team St. John's (TX)
Middle School Team None

James Andrew Brantley III, Esq. played for Washington University in St. Louis from 2004-2008, being a top history and social science contributor to the team in that time period. Brantley was a member of the 2002 HSNCT champion team from St. John's (TX).

Brantley pulled a Gordon when unplanned academic obligations kept him from attending the 2008 College Bowl NCT. Washington University missed the second day of competition by one game, having suffered a 5-point loss to Seton Hall.

Originally from Texas, Brantley spent some time studying abroad in England, and, though he will protest he is not an Anglophile, at the same time promotes the English way of doing most things.