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| 54
| 54
| [[State College]] [http://www.yale.edu/ysac/BHSAT_9/results/]
| [[State College]] [http://www.yale.edu/ysac/BHSAT_9/results/]
| [[Simsbury|Simbsbury A]]
| [[Simsbury|Simsbury A]]
| [[Walter Johnson]] [http://www.pace-nsc.org/programs/program1999.pdf]
| [[Walter Johnson]] [http://www.pace-nsc.org/programs/program1999.pdf]
| [[Harrisburg Academy]]
| [[Harrisburg Academy]]

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The Bulldog High School Academic Tournament, or BHSAT, is an annual spring tournament for high school teams hosted by Yale. The tournament is traditionally a housewritten question set by the Yale team. Once one of the premier tournaments in the nation, BHSAT attracted teams from across the entire country well into the 2000s; it eventually lost a lot of its national field as fewer teams made the trip to what was perceived as a mediocre set.

For the 2011 edition forward, though, editors Matt Jackson and John Lawrence began to ensure that the questions meet the best standards of modern quizbowl writing each year, and begun re-expanding the field out to a national audience, both by inviting teams to the main site and by establishing multiple mirror sites in other circuits across the nation (such as a partnership with WUHSAC from 2013 onward).

Main Site Results

Note: it is presumed from the numbering of the tournament that it has happened for 20 consecutive years; since it emerged in the fog before recorded history, this may not be the case.

Year # of Teams Champion Second Third Fourth
1992? Need results Need results Need results Need results
1993? Need results Need results Need results Need results
1994? Need results Need results Need results Need results
1995? 29 Need results Need results Need results Need results
1996 46 Phillips Academy A Simsbury A Need results Need results
1997 ? Maggie Walker [1] Need results Half Hollow Hills West [2] Need results
1998 ? Need results Need results Brookwood [3] Dorman [4]
1999 54 State College [5] Simsbury A Walter Johnson [6] Harrisburg Academy
2000 68 State College A Maggie Walker Brookwood New Milford A
2001 ? State College [7] Georgetown Day School [8] Manheim Township Walter Johnson
2002 61 Los Alamitos Thomas Jefferson A Horace Greeley A Maggie Walker
2003 ? Dorman State College A Kellenberg A Walt Whitman
2004 Need results Need results Need results Need results
2005 42 State College A Gonzaga Walter Johnson Caddo Magnet
2006 35 State College A Walter Johnson Seton Hall Prep A Dorman
2007 32 Gonzaga Stuyvesant A Dorman Kellenberg A
2008 32 Stuyvesant State College A Hunter Gonzaga
2009 28 Kellenberg A Stuyvesant Kellenberg B Half Hollow Hills West
2010 24 Hunter Saint Joseph Kellenberg A Seton Hall Prep
2011 10 Hunter A Hunter B State College A Hunter C
2012 21 Hunter A Schindler Hunter B Northmont
2013 24 Hunter A Ridgewood A Lexington Hunter B
2014 24 High Tech A St. Joseph's (NJ) Hunter Ridgewood
2015 28 High Tech Bethlehem Central Lexington A AMSA
  • The editions including and prior to 2009 featured a single-elimination playoff with no third-place game, so the teams listed as third and fourth place would actually be tied for third place.