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{{Infobox|Name = Ben Herman
{{Infobox|Name = Ben Herman
|Image =
|Image = BenHerman.jpg
|Subjects = European and American History, Impressionism, Baseball
|Subjects = European and American History, Impressionism, Baseball
|schoolcur = [[Penn State]] (2015-Present)
|schoolcur = [[Penn State]] (2015-Present)

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Ben Herman
Noted subjects European and American History, Impressionism, Baseball
Current college Penn State (2015-Present)
Past colleges Delaware (2011-2015)
High school West Chester Henderson (2007-2011)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Ben Herman is a quizbowl advocate currently based in State College, Pennsylvania. He is a former player for Henderson High School in West Chester, PA and the University of Delaware. Though no longer actively playing, he serves in an advisory role for the Penn State team, where he is in graduate school studying Early Modern British History. His rather meager playing accomplishments include getting a correct tossup on John Quincy Adams without hearing a single word of the question through a freak sarcastic buzz (at a practice), and making no negs to 31 gets at ACF Regionals 2014.

Ben is best known, however, for his outreach work in Pennsylvania. He is a co-founder of the Greater Pennsylvania Quizbowl Resource blog with Chris Chiego, and is its most frequent contributor. He also moderates a thick schedule of around dozen Pennylvania high school and middle school quizbowl tournaments annually, directing or backseat directing many of them. He has also worked toward organizing PA coaches and bridging once separate areas of the state into a more cohesive advocacy group.