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* [[Daniel Klein]]
* [[Michael Li]]
* [[Justin Byrd]]
* [[Anson Berns]]
* [[Daniel Brach-Neufeld]]
* [[Ankush Bajaj]]
* [[Lloyd Sy]]
* [[Ujwal Punyamurtyula]]
* [[Abid Haseeb]]
* [[James Park]]
* [[Raj Paul]]
* [[Walter Zhang]]
==Former Players==
==Former Players==
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* [[Eric Johnson]]
* [[Eric Johnson]]
* [[Goda Thangada]]
* [[Goda Thangada]]
* [[Daniel Klein]]
* [[Justin Byrd]]
* [[Daniel Brach-Neufeld]]
* [[Lloyd Sy]]
* [[Abid Haseeb]]
* [[Evan Pandya]]
== Notable Tournaments Played==
== Notable Tournaments Played==

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Providence, RI
Current President or Coach Daniel Brach-Neufeld?
National championships 2010 NAQT Division II

Brown is a private university in Providence, RI. The team was founded in 2006 by the iron-fisted Jerry Vinokurov.



After officially chartering a club, presided over by bureaucrat-extraordinaire Dennis Jang, the team won 2nd place in the 2007 ACF Nationals and won several victories in local tournaments. They also hosted the first incarnation of EFT, which was subsequently taken over by Eric Mukherjee and Dennis Jang because they needed the practice.


EFT2 was entirely written by Brown Quizbowlers that dude, that other dude, and some hobo; it turned out ok. The team won 4th place at the 2008 ICT and 2nd place at 2008 ACF Nationals, continuing the streak.


The club held the third incarnation of EFT, and various members were on the editing staff for ACF Winter and Regionals 2009, meaning that the team remained splintered for much of the season (this on top of various professional/academic things going on with members of the team). A slightly shorthanded team (missing Eric) won 2nd place at ACF Nationals for the third year in a row.


With the departure of Eric Mukherjee, but the addition of top high school players Ian Eppler and Guy Tabachnick, Brown continued to be a strong contender. The team finished 5th at ACF Nationals and 7th at ICT. It remains to be seen how Jerry Vinokurov's departure will affect the team.


Brown finished 2nd in Division I at ICT and 4th at ACF Nationals.


Brown finished 8th at ICT and did not attend ACF Nationals. Guy was notably in Prague all fall, though.


A new crop of freshman players joined the Brown team in 2012-13, putting up several impressive local finishes (2nd at IFT, 3rd at Penn-ance, 3rd at SCT Division II), but no teams from Brown competed at either national. The future looks bright, though.


Former Players

Notable Tournaments Played

  • 2012 ICT - 8th Place (Justin Byrd, Daniel Klein, Guy Tabachnick)
  • 2011 ACF Nationals - 4th Place (Justin Byrd, Ben Cohen, Aaron Rosenberg, Guy Tabachnick)
  • 2011 ICT - 3rd Place (Ben Cohen, Ian Eppler, Daniel Klein, Guy Tabachnick)
  • 2010 ACF Nationals - A 5th place (Jerry Vinokurov, Aaron Rosenberg, Guy Tabachnick, Daniel Klein), B 17th place (2nd place DII; Ian Eppler, Ben Cohen)
  • 2010 ICT - DI 7th place (Jerry Vinokurov, Aaron Rosenberg, Daniel Klein), DII 1st place (Guy Tabachnick, Ben Cohen, Ian Eppler)
  • 2009 Harvard International - 3rd place (Eric Mukherjee, Aaron Rosenberg, Dennis Jang, Daniel Klein)
  • 2009 ACF Nationals - 2nd place (Jerry Vinokurov, Aaron Rosenberg, Dennis Jang, Daniel Klein)
  • 2009 ACF Regionals - 2nd place (Jerry Vinokurov, Daniel Klein, Aaron Rosenberg, Dennis Jang)
  • 2009 ACF Winter - 1st place (Eric Mukherjee, Aaron Rosenberg, Daniel Klein)
  • 2009 TIT - 1st place (Jerry Vinokurov, Eric Mukherjee)
  • 2008 T Party - 1st place (Jerry Vinokurov, Eric Mukherjee, Aaron Rosenberg, Daniel Klein)
  • 2008 Minnesota Open (MIT Mirror) - 1st place (Jerry Vinokurov, Eric Mukherjee)
  • 2008 ACF Fall Northeast - 1st place (Eric Mukherjee, Aaron Rosenberg, Dennis Jang, Daniel Klein)
  • 2008 ACF Nationals - 2nd place (Jerry Vinokurov, Dennis Jang, Eric Mukherjee, Aaron Rosenberg)
  • 2008 ICT - 4th place (Jerry Vinokurov, Dennis Jang, Eric Mukherjee, Aaron Rosenberg)
  • PARFAIT III - 2nd place (Jerry Vinokurov, Dennis Jang, Eric Mukherjee, Lisa Qing). Also notable Jerry Rage
  • ACF Fall 2007 at MIT - Top scorer, tied for first place (Eric Mukherjee, Lisa Qing, Aaron Rosenberg, special playoff guest Jerry Vinokurov)
  • Deep Bench 2007 Brandeis mirror - 2nd place (Jerry Vinokurov, Eric Mukherjee, Dennis Jang, Marko Djuric, Sofia Pellon, Lisa Qing, Eric Johnson, Ben Xiong)
  • ACF Nationals 2007 - 2nd place (Jerry Vinokurov, Dennis Jang, Eric Mukherjee)


  • The team has a long history of travel disasters, both during car and air travel. Examples:
    • Eric Mukherjee's flight to 2008 ICT getting canceled.
    • Eric Mukherjee and Dennis Jang's flight to Cardinal Classic almost not happening (see 2008 Brown to Stanford Travel Disaster).
    • Jerry Vinokurov and Eric Mukherjee getting lost on the mean streets of Boston.
    • Eric Mukherjee getting lost on the way to 2008 ACF Fall at Brandeis, ending up near some arboretum in Boston (due to Dennis Jang's faulty directions).
    • Eric Mukherjee's car not starting after 2008 T Party, due to the parking lot guy not turning it off.
    • The team's (with the exception of Daniel Klein's) flight to the 2010 ICT being delayed 6 hours and cancelled after two successive airplanes broke down.
    • The Division II team for 2013 ICT had to withdraw from the field in the week before the tournament after having unknown difficulties securing flights.
  • Despite anywhere from 1/2 to 3/4ths of the A team being Jewish, the team's Judaism knowledge remains lackluster.

Title Succession

NAQT ICT Division II Champion
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