Cody Voight

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Cody Voight
Noted subjects science, hot dogs
Past colleges Virginia Commonwealth University
High school King & Queen Central High School
HSQB profile Cody
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Raised on a Christmas tree farm, Cody Voight is a curmudgeon who played for Virginia Commonwealth University.

Three-factor theory of quizbowl moderating

To the delight of old white sports pundits everywhere, Cody has proposed a three-factor theory of quizbowl moderating, the factors being flow, hustle, and grit, which is also the order they should be mastered by new moderators. Flow mostly involves how natural a moderator's reading is, i.e. lacking stiltedness, pauses, and other hallmarks of poor moderators. Hustle is the overall speed of a moderator, including not just reading speed but also the speed of transition between tossup and bonus and tossup and etc. Grit is the ability to read a supernumerary amount of games in a day or weekend while maintaining clarity.

Notably absent are knowledge of the rules and the all-important "friendliness".

Quizbowl-related software and methods

Tournament Directing

Starting with the 2013–2014 school year, Cody became the primary tournament director for VCU. He was the assistant TD for PACE NSC 2015 (96 teams) and shadow TD'ed a number of other tournaments. He is the current Nationals TD for ACF.

Date Tournament # Teams Level Notes
2011/05/21 VCU Season Finale VI 8 High School
2013/10/05 VCU Fall V 16 High School
2013/12/07 VCU Winter VI 19 High School
2014/03/01 VCU Spring VI 17 High School
2014/04/19 VCU Season Finale VII 16 High School
2014/10/11 VCU Fall VI 10 High School
2014/12/06 VCU Winter VII 26 High School
2015/04/11 VCU Season Finale VIII 14 High School
2015/10/17 VCU Fall VII 12 High School
2015/12/05 VCU Winter VIII 24 High School
2016/02/20 VCU Spring VII "Battle of the Brains"-style 35 High School 27 Varsity, 8 Junior Varsity teams (didn't physically TD)
2016/04/30 VCU Season Finale IX 21 High School
2016/06/18 NASAT 2016 15 High School National
2016/10/17 VCU Fall VIII 12 High School
2016/12/03 VCU Winter IX 22 High School
2017/01/21 VCU Spring VIII "Battle of the Brains"-style 28 High School 22 Varsity, 6 Junior Varsity teams
2017/04/29 VCU Season Finale X High School
Date Tournament # Teams Level Notes
2011/08/13 VCU Open 2011 12 Open
2012/04/14 MUT at VCU 10 College
2013/02/02 VCU Closed at VCU 8 College
2013/04/06 MUT at VCU 18 College
2014/04/05 MUT at VCU 11 College
2014/10/04 PADAWAN at VCU 16 College
2015/04/04 MUT at VCU 11 College
2015/08/08 VCU Open 2015 10 Open
2015/11/14 Missouri Open at VCU 9 Open
2016/02/06 NAQT SCT Mid-Atlantic 24 College 10 DI, 14 DII teams
2016/04/02 MUT at VCU 14 College
2017/02/18 ACF Regionals at VCU 23 College

Writing and Editing

Year(s) Tournament Capacity Misc.
2010 – pres. HSAPQ writer
2010 VCU Open writer of some science
2011 – 2012 HSAPQ editor of earth science Eric Mukherjee and Aaron Cohen split the rest of science
2011 VCU Open writer & editor of all science Susan Ferrari was very helpful to an inexperienced editor here
2012 – 2013 HSAPQ editor of physics & other science Eric Mukherjee edited biology & chemistry
2012 Minnesota Open editor of all physics & submitted other science Gaurav Kandlikar handled the rest of the science
2013 ACF Regionals editor of all science
2013 – 2014 HSAPQ editor of all science
2013 VCU Open [1] writer & editor of all science, music, film, and geography
2013 MFT [2] writer of some science & editor of all science
2013 Fernando Arrabal [3] writer & editor of biology & chemistry Jerry Vinokurov mostly wrote the rest of the tournament
2014 PACE NSC editor of physics & other science
2014 – 2017 HSAPQ editor of all non-biology science Joelle Smart edited biology
2014 PADAWAN [4] writer of physics & other science bonuses, computer science tossups, and half the physics tossups Seth Teitler oversaw the rest of physics & other science
2015 Claude Shannon Memorial Tournament [5] writer & editor of all questions
2015 MUT [6] writer & editor of most physics and other science questions
2015 PACE NSC editor of physics & other science
2015 VCU Open [7] writer & editor of most science, about half the music, trash film, and some geography bonuses
2016 MUT [8] editor of non-biology science Shan Kothari kindly edited biology at the last minute
2017 ACF Regionals [9] editor of physics & other science Adam Silverman edited biology & chemistry