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DEES (originally standing for "Demonstratively Excellent Educational Saturnalia," but later to "Desperate Editors Elicit Support") was a fall 2014 packet-submission tournament announced by head-editor Charlie Dees, with science assistance from Victor Prieto and Brian McPeak. Upon the apparent desertion of Charlie three weeks prior to the tournament, Victor and Brian took over his responsibilities. The final set was packet-submission-optional, and was completed with help from Ike Jose, Rob Carson, Mike Cheyne, Will Alston, Shan Kothari, John Lawrence, Jacob Reed, Tejas Raje, Saul Hankin, Mik Larsen, Cody Voight and Matt Weiner.

Owing to a miscommunication, DEES featured an experimental 21/21 distribution.

Mirror Sites

Regional Host TD Winner Runner-Up Individual High Scorer
Northeast MIT Stephen Eltinge Columbia A Brown Neil Gurram
Mid-Atlantic University of Maryland Brian McPeak Penn A Alter Kockers Eric Mukherjee
Southeast Western Kentucky Nick Conder TBD TBD TBD
Midwest Northwestern University Dylan Minarik KoLafTlerBrook Michigan A Will Nediger
Lower Midwest University of Missouri Itamar Naveh-Benjamin WUSTL A WUSTL B Itamar Naveh-Benjamin
South Rice Victor Prieto Louisiana-Lafayette Texas A&M Billy Beyer
North California Berkeley Nicholas Karas Stanford Berkeley A Gautam Kandlikar
South California UCLA Hidehiro Anto TBD TBD TBD
Canada University of Waterloo Ming-Ho Yee Waterloo A Ottawa Aayush Rajasekaran
Online Cyberspace Victor Prieto TBD TBD TBD