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The children's sitcom Dog with a Blog aired on the Disney Channel from 2012 to 2015 and has been the subject of a long running in-joke, typically involving Mike Cheyne.


Dog graebner.jpg
dog graebner

The premise of the show (that a dog had a blog) was often parodied on the IRC with potential sequels like "Pig with Digg", "Rabbit on Reddit", and "Watercress with an RSS".

Mike Cheyne borrowed the featured image (at the time) for the Wikipedia page Bark Mitzvah and gave it the caption "Dog Graebner", then used it as his profile picture on the forum for many years.

While relaying the voters in the 2014 Collegiate player poll, Mike referred to Siddhant Dogra as "Dogra with a Blog".

Mike Bentley, Bryn Reinecke, Dylan Minarik, and Eric Douglass played as "Dog with a Peer-Reviewed Journal Article" at 2014 Chicago Open.


The 2015 nationals-minus difficulty tournament George Oppen featured a trash tossup on Dog with a Blog that ultimately decided several games at the set's Maryland supersite. Though Mike Cheyne contributed trash questions for the set, the tossup was actually written by Auroni Gupta, the tournament's head editor. Matt Bollinger singled out the question as "a weird quizbowl meta joke" as part of more general criticism of the tournament's trash.[1]

Since then, mentions of both Dog with a Blog and the tossup on it have persisted, fueled by both the intrinsic comedy of such a tossup and older members of the community continually reminding people of the time they won a game based off their knowledge of Dog with a Blog.


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