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{{Infobox|Name = Eliza Grames
{{Infobox|Name = Eliza Grames
|Image = Eliza_Grames.jpg
|Image = Eliza_Grames.jpg
|Subjects = Lake Superior, social psychology
|Subjects = Bad trash
|schoolcur = [[Minnesota]] (2009-Present)  
|schoolcur = None
|schoolpast= None
|schoolpast= [[Minnesota]] (2009-2013)
|highschool = [[Esko]] (2005-2009) (Knowledge Bowl)
|highschool = [[Esko]] (2005-2009) (Knowledge Bowl)
| }}
| }}
'''Eliza Grames''' is a senior at the University of [[Minnesota]] where she is the current treasurer after two years as the Committee Chair. Her major accomplishments as the Chair were creating an updated collegiate clubs contact list, hosting numerous on-campus trivia events including on-stage entertainment before OK Go, and setting the team up to transition to being governed by five officers in 2012-2013.
'''Eliza Grames''' graduated from the University of [[Minnesota]] in 2013. She was the Committee Chair of the U of M Quizbowl Team for the 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 seasons and then switched to treasurer during the leadership of [[Gaurav Kandlikar]]. Currently, she primarily co-writes bad trash tournaments with [[Melanie Keating]] including The Worst Trash Tournament Ever, Never Say Never, and NEMO.
As a player, she got significantly better between the 2010-2011 season and the 2011-2012 season following a summer of employment at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, where she was paid to read books at boat landings for 40 hours a week when no fishermen were present. Other factors that may have contributed - writing roughly half of 2011 [[MUT]], co-editing the [[Minnesota High School Novice Tournament]], and writing for HSAPQ. She was reportedly drafted for Fantasy ICT at the University of [[Michigan]] but doesn't understand why anyone would think that was a good idea, considering every time she plays a tournament with [[Melanie Keating]] a great deal of giggling occurs.
Eliza did not play high school Quizbowl because her high school regrettably only participated in the dreaded [[Knowledge Bowl]]. Luckily, she was introduced to Quizbowl by a former [[DeLaSalle]] player who lived down the hallway in her dorm freshman year.
* 2012 [[Chicago Open]] anticipated play with [[Melanie Keating]], [[Robin Heinonen]] and [[Joe Hansen]]. Despite a warning from [[Mike Cheyne]] that no one has fun at Chicago Open, the team expects to have the worst record and the most fun of any team at the tournament.
* 2012 [[ICT]] Division II. 48.73 PPG; individual 12th place Division II, team 16th place with [[Melanie Keating]], [[Jonathon Hank]], and [[Ribhu Agarwala]]. The team was in a three-way tie with [[Notre Dame]] and [[Northwestern]], but won the first tiebreaker game against [[Notre Dame]] on a half-packet that conveniently had a large proportion of "things Eliza likes" in it. They then went on to lose all of their playoff games, including one against [[Maryland]] in which Eliza negged "humpback whales" with "barn owls" on the first clue and was made fun of by [[Greg Peterson]] for several minutes following the match.
* 2012 [[Penn Bowl]] at Northwestern. 23.33 PPG; team 15th with [[Melanie Keating]], [[Peter Estall]], [[Srijay Rajan]], and [[Han Li]]
* 2012 [[ACF Regionals]] at Minnesota. 20.00 PPG; individual 10th place; team 4th place with [[Han Li]], [[Srijay Rajan]], and [[Peter Estall]]
* 2012 [[SCT]] at Carleton. 63.70 PPG; individual 2nd place; team 2nd place with [[Melanie Keating]], [[Ribhu Agarwala]], and [[Han Li]]
* 2012 [[BARGE]] at Illinois. 23.12 PPG; individual 12th place; team 7th place with [[Mike Cheyne]], [[Srijay Rajan]], and [[Robin Heinonen]]
* 2011 [[Minnesota Open]] at Minnesota. 6.88 PPG; no team rank due to house-team dissolution, but needless to say it would have been bad, considering the team only won matches against [[WUSTL]] and the [[Gautam Kandlikar]]/[[Anant Shah]]/[[Joe Hansen]]/[[Alex Gawenda]] team.
* 2011 [[ACF Fall]] at Carleton. 41.82 PPG; individual 9th place; team took second to [[Carleton]] in the finals with [[Robin Heinonen]], [[Lauren Johnson]], and [[Srijay Rajan]]. This tournament marked the first time Eliza ever won a book prize; regrettably, the only book left was "The Scarlet Letter".
* 2011 [[MAGNI]] at Carleton. 32.14 PPG; individual 6th place; team 2nd place with [[Melanie Keating]], [[Kelsey McCoy]], and [[Robin Heinonen]]
* 2011 [[MOO]] mirror at Minnesota. 7.50 PPG; team 1st place with [[Andrew Hart]], [[Gaurav Kandlikar]], [[Lauren Johnson]], and [[Robin Heinonen]]
* 2011 [[ACF Regionals]] at Minnesota. 13 PPG; team 6th place with [[Kelsey McCoy]]
* 2011 [[Penn Bowl]] at Northwestern. 5.00 PPG; team 14th place with [[Robin Heinonen]], [[Kelsey McCoy]] and [[Michael VanDeWeghe]]
* 2011 [[SCT]] North Division I. 8.21 PPG; team 4th place with [[Bernadette Spencer]], [[Matt Hart]] and [[Cresston Gackle]]
* 2010 [[ACF Fall]] at Carleton. 18.18 PPG; team 7th place with [[Kelsey McCoy]], [[Michael VanDeWeghe]] and [[Melanie Keating]]
* 2010 [[EFT]] Mirror at Minnesota. 11.5 PPG; team 5th place with [[Kelsey McCoy]], [[Michael VanDeWeghe]] and [[Melanie Keating]]
* 2010 [[SCT]] North Division II. 20.69 PPG; team tied with [[Drake]] for 6th playing with [[Michael VanDeWeghe]] and [[Tianna Pilipovic]]
Eliza co-edited the 2011-2012 [[Minnesota High School Novice Tournament]] with [[Gaurav Kandlikar]]. She also has written large percentages of the 2011 and 2012 [[Minnesota Undergraduate Tournament]] sets. She contributed to the 2012 MOQBA JV Set and writes for HSAPQ. In 2012, she is co-writing an awful trash set called [[Never Say Never: Anything Goes]] with [[Melanie Keating]] which will be run as a side event at [[Minnesota Open]].
Packet submissions include:
* 2012 [[Minnesota Open]] (in-progress)
* 2012 [[Chicago Open]] with [[Robin Heinonen]] and [[Melanie Keating]]
* 2012 [[ACF Nationals]] with [[Melanie Keating]], [[Peter Estall]], and [[Han Li]] which was never submitted because the team's budget ran out and Eliza got frustrated with a 14-line short story on the Battle of Bannockburn written by [[Peter Estall]].  
* 2012 [[Penn Bowl]] with [[Peter Estall]] and [[Han Li]]
* 2012 [[BARGE]] with [[Mike Cheyne]], [[Robin Heinonen]] and [[Srijay Rajan]]
* 2011 [[ACF Fall]] with [[Robin Heinonen]] and [[Lauren Johnson]]
* 2011 [[Penn Bowl]] packet submission with [[Gaurav Kandlikar]], [[Robin Heinonen]], [[Kelsey McCoy]], and [[Michael VanDeWeghe]]
* 2011 [[TIT]] packet submission with [[Rob Carson]], [[Bernadette Spencer]] and [[Robin Heinonen]]
==Tournament Direction==
* 2012 [[Minnesota High School Novice Tournament]] with [[Gaurav Kandlikar]]
* 2012 [[GINVIT]]
* 2011 [[BHSAT]] Mirror at Minnesota
* 2011 [[Minnesota Undergraduate Tournament]]
* 2011 [[Prison Bowl]] Mirror at Minnesota
* 2011 [[GSAC]] Mirror at Minnesota
* 2010 [[GINVIT]]
* 2010 [[Collegiate Novice]] at Minnesota with [[Gaurav Kandlikar]]
* 2012-2013 [[Minnesota]] Treasurer
* 2011-2012 [[Minnesota]] Committee Chair
* 2010-2011 [[Minnesota]] Committee Chair

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Eliza Grames
Eliza Grames.jpg
Noted Subjects:
Bad trash
Current Collegiate Team None
Past Collegiate Teams Minnesota (2009-2013)
High School Team Esko (2005-2009) (Knowledge Bowl)
Middle School Team None

Eliza Grames graduated from the University of Minnesota in 2013. She was the Committee Chair of the U of M Quizbowl Team for the 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 seasons and then switched to treasurer during the leadership of Gaurav Kandlikar. Currently, she primarily co-writes bad trash tournaments with Melanie Keating including The Worst Trash Tournament Ever, Never Say Never, and NEMO.