Enoch Yuen

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Enoch Yuen
Enoch Yuen.jpg
Noted subjects Literature, Geography
Past colleges Cambridge (2018-2019), Imperial (2019-present)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Enoch Yuen has been playing for Imperial A since 2019. He debuted at the 2020 British Student Quiz Championships. He helped Imperial to clinch their first quizbowl title in the 28-team 2021 Southeast-Midwest Housewrite tournament along with Imperial A teammates Michael Kohn, Felix Roberts and Richard Brooks, and he helped Imperial to qualify for their first ACF Nationals in 2022 together with Michael Mays, Felix Roberts and Justin Lee. Due to travel issues, he could not participate in the in-person ACF Nationals. In 2023, Enoch with his Imperial A teammates Michael, Justin and Adam Jones won the 2023 British Student Quiz Championships, providing Imperial with its first ever BSQC title. Although he studies Biological Sciences at Imperial and Business Management at Cambridge, his favourite topic is Geography and he is regarded as one of the strongest Literature players in the UK quizzing scene, especially on the topic of World Literature.