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Erskine College
Due West, South Carolina
Current President or Coach Corinne Gressang
National championships none
NAQT Page link

Erskine College is a private Presbyterian college located in Due West, South Carolina. Their quizbowl team was founded in 2021, under the direction of Tim Rees, the Dean of Enrollment at the college.


Erskine is most notable in the way they recruited their players. As Dr. Rees stated, "We are engaging students in the same way athletes are pursued since academics should be valued just as highly as athletic ability."[1] In 2021, Gabriel Collier and Hunter Godbolt [2] became the first two recorded signings of the team. Rees also appeared at the 2021 Qwiz Conference, in which he gave a recruitment pitch during the lunch session. Dr. Rees left the college in 2022.