Evan Adams

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Evan Adams
Noted Subjects:
Literature, History, Architecture
Current Collegiate Team NYU
Past Collegiate Teams VCU (2008-2011), UVA (2011-2014)
High School Team Maggie Walker (2004-2007)
Middle School Team None

Evan Adams graduated from Maggie Walker in 2007, played for VCU for four years, and attended law school at the University of Virginia. Due to his unparalleled dominance on architecture questions, the act of winning an architecture tournament is colloquially known as "pulling an Adams."

During his time as a writer for HSAPQ, Evan broke the single-day question writing record by writing 121 questions for 2011 NASAT on Sunday, May 29, 2011. (He had over 200 questions total in that set.) His other credentials include writing almost all of the 2011 VCU Open, the head editorship of 2010 ACF Fall and 2014 ACF Regionals, and subject editing for 2017 ACF Nationals.

After being part of the tournament winning Virginia team at 2014 ACF Nationals, Evan became the first player to ever complete the Grand Slam by winning HSNCT, PACE NSC, ICT, and ACF Nationals. He then followed it up by winning 2014 Chicago Open for good measure.

ICT DI Leading Scorer
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Mike Sorice
Chris Ray