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[[Category: Tournaments]]
[[Category: Tournaments]]
[[Category: Subject tournaments]]
[[Category: Subject tournaments]]
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[[Category: Side events]]

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Eyes That Do Not See (or Eyes for short) is a tossup-only visual arts tournament by Mike Bentley, presented in visual form. As of 2019, there have been ten incarnations of the tournament, with seemingly no end in sight.


The tournament is run as a PowerPoint presentation. Each tossup begins with a statement of what the question is asking for (e.g. "Identify the artist" or "Name the painting"). The "clues" for each tossup are a set of 6 to 10 slides. Each slide contains an image, such that the first slide contains the hardest image and the last slide the easiest image (imitating a regular pyramidal quizbowl tossup). Slides worth extra points have a different-colored background to indicate that they are worth power; regular slides for 10 points are black and the giveaway slide is green, to indicate the end of the tossup.

The Eyes That Do Not See tournaments are stored at the bottom of this page.