Fred Zhang

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Fred Zhang
Noted Subjects:
History, Science
Current Collegiate Team none
Past Collegiate Teams none
High School Team Thomas Jefferson (VA) (2015- )
Middle School Team Longfellow (2014-2015)

Fred Zhang was a former player for Longfellow and current player for TJ. With Longfellow, he was part of the T-8 finish team at the 2015 MSNCT. With TJ, he was part of the A team that won the 2018 PACE NSC and NHBB championships. He is also the 2018 Varsity US History Bee Champion and 2018 Varsity History Bee Runner-up. Fred captained the 2018 Virginia NASAT team's run to an unexpected 2nd place.

Fred is known for being a rare dual-wielder of history and science. He is also known for his Rubik's cube, his queer taste in sports, and his skill at baking and cooking.