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The Greater Pennsylvania Quizbowl Resource (or GPQB) is a quizbowl blog that covers the quizbowl circuit in Pennsylvania. Founded in July 2014, it was previously known as Greater Philadelphia Quizbowl Resource until its expansion to all of Pennsylvania in June 2015.


The current focus of the GPQB blog is coverage and analysis of the high school circuit of Pennsylvania quizbowl. This includes tournament wrap-ups, interviews, advice, and the occasional podcast from the contributors. Complementing its Pennsylvania focus is its content for general high school quizbowl audiences. GPQB has covered the basics of quizbowl, outreach advice, studying strategies, and tournament hosting. The site features a schedule for all Pennsylvania pyramidal events and PSAC, as well as tournaments in the surrounding states.

Question Writing

The members of the site organized and edited the 2016 Pennsylvania Novice Initiative, a novice-level tournament designed to correct the lack of material for novice teams to practice on.


The staff at GPQB announce three awards each year to outstanding members of the quizbowl community in Pennsylvania. Players cannot win the same award multiple times, and coaches are not eligible to win again until eight years have passed -- the equivalent of two student cycles.

Past Winners

Season Player of the Year JV Player of the Year Coach of the Year
2014-15 Ryan Bilger, Emmaus High School Alex Schmidt, Lehigh Valley Academy Missy Doll, Manheim Township High School
2015-16 Alex Schmidt, Lehigh Valley Academy Sam Scarfone, Great Valley High School Bern McCauley, Great Valley High School
2016-17 Sam Scarfone, Great Valley High School Vijay Anne, Henderson High School Andrew Gianelli, Camp Hill High School
2017-18 Vishwa Shanmugam, Downingtown STEM Academy Connor Mayers, Penn Manor High School Abbi Smith, Friends Select School
2018-19 Will Yaeger, Hempfield High School Albert Zhang, State College High School Steve Sobieck, Henderson High School


The site has, since the 2015-2016 season, ranked the teams in Pennsylvania at the season's beginning, midpoint, and end. The poll is conducted by current and former members of the Pennsylvania quizbowl community. The pollsters rank the top ten teams by their own metrics; a statistical formula is not used. All the ranking committee members are affiliated with Pennsylvania's circuit.

Because there is no NAQT or pyramidal state championship (the only official tournament held is the non-pyramidal Pennsylvania State Academic Competition), the poll has served as a de facto state title for performance on pyramidal questions.

Past Results

Season Champion Second Third Fourth Fifth
2015-16 Manheim Township Delaware Valley State College Great Valley Henderson
2016-17 Winchester Thurston Lehigh Valley Manheim Township Alagar Homeschool State College
2017-18 Downingtown STEM Lehigh Valley Allderdice Manheim Township Friends Select
2018-19 Hempfield Henderson Allderdice Friends Select State College

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