Greg Peterson

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Gregory Peterson
Noted subjects literature, art, music
Current college Northwestern (2015-19)
Past colleges Lawrence University (2007-2011)
High school Maine South (2005-07)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Greg Peterson is a player at Northwestern, and is the former high scorer/president/treasurer of the quizbowl team at Lawrence University.

High School Career

Peterson started playing quizbowl at the end of his sophomore year of high school, participating in the final frosh-soph tournament of the year.

His first full year was his junior year, which was good enough to earn him one of the ten available spots on the All-State First Team from the IHSSBCA.

Between his junior and senior year, he and a small contingent of Maine South players attended ACE Camp in Missouri.

His senior year saw him again claim a spot on the All-State First Team, leading his team to an 85-22 record which included tournament championships at the Ultima and the Masonic State Title. After an IHSA Regional win, the team lost to only New Trier in the Sectional.

At the 2007 HSNCT, Peterson was the 19th overall high scorer.

In March of his senior year, he had traveled to California to tape his appearance on the 2007 Jeopardy! Summer Teen Tournament, which would air in July of 2007. He finished second in his opening game, qualifying for the semifinals as a wildcard. He won a very convincing semifinal game, but narrowly lost to Meryl Federman in the finals.

Peterson was chosen as a member of Team Illinois to represent the state at the 2007 PAC. He was a member of the team to bring home Illinois' first championship in that tournament.

Collegiate Career

Writing and Editing

Tournament results


  • Sixth place (of 24) at Chicago's EFT2 mirror [1] (solo) (2nd individual)
  • First place (of 13) at NAQT Tartan Tussle II (with Richard Wanerman, Emily Koenig, Catherine Albright) (1st individual)
  • Seventh place (of 12) at ACF Fall 2007 at Minnesota (with Richard Wanerman, Emily Koenig, Catherine Albright) (3rd individual)


  • T-Second place (of 15 DII teams) at NAQT Midwest SCT (with Richard Wanerman, Emily Koenig, Catherine Albright) [2] (1st individual)
  • First place (of 7) at Illinois Novice[3] (with Richard Wanerman, Emily Koenig, Catherine Albright) (1st individual)
  • Eighth place (of 32) in Div II at NAQT ICT (with Richard Wanerman, Emily Koenig, Michael Schreiber) (1st individual)

Television Game Show Appearances

Peterson was the runner-up to Meryl Federman in the 2007 Summer Teen Tournament on Jeopardy!, winning US$38,600.

In 2017, Peterson appeared on the syndicated version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and won US$250,000.

On the episode of the US edition of The Chase which aired on 20 June 2021, Peterson was a part of the three person team which collectively won US$660,000, the most amount of money ever won on The Chase, with Peterson pocketing $220,000. James Holzhauer was the chaser for that episode.