Henry Gorman

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Henry Gorman
Noted Subjects:
RMP, Geography, History, Current Events, Art, general
Current Collegiate Team Rice University (2010-)
Past Collegiate Teams
High School Team Wilmington Charter (2006-2009)
Middle School Team None

Henry Gorman is a freshman at Rice University, formerly of Wilmington Charter.

High School Achievements

At Henry's first tournament, LIFT 2005, a team of Henry and some juniors made the quarterfinals. Henry also made the quarterfinals at Princeton as a freshman. Later in the year, Charter B upset Charter A in the final of the Blue Hen, with Henry getting several of the late tossups in a close match. Charter teams on which Henry has played have won numerous tournaments. The 2008-2009 season was quite successful, featuring a number of wins of DC-area tournaments in the early season, and victories at the NSC and HSNCT.

Individual Scoring Finishes

  • 1st at every NAQT Delaware State Championship in which he has played
  • HSNCT: 18th in 2006, 25th in 2007, 9th in 2008, in which his team made the tournament finals, and again in 2009, in which they won.
  • NSC: 5th in 2008, 2nd in 2009, in which Charter won. Played in the all-star game.