High School Academic Pyramid Questions

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HSAPQ (High School Academic Pyramid Questions) is a question writing company started in 2008. It strives to provide high quality pyramidal questions to high school tournaments. For the 2008-09 season, HSAPQ produced four ACF-format sets, one Four-Quarter format set, and two NSC-format sets. For the 2009-10 season, they planned to produce six ACF-format sets and three Four-Quarter sets; however, difficulties in completing their first two sets led them to cut back to three ACF-format sets and two Four-Quarter sets.

Since 2009, HSAPQ has been the question provider for VHSL; their VHSL questions have been lauded by players like Greg Tito for their improved quality.


  • Evan Adams
  • Andrew Alexander
  • Jeff Amoros
  • Bruce Arthur
  • George Berry
  • Will Butler
  • Rob Carson
  • Matt Chadbourne
  • Trevor Davis
  • Charlie Dees
  • Eric Douglass
  • Kurtis Droge
  • Ian Eppler (retired)
  • Andrew Feist
  • Carsten Gehring
  • Ted Gioia (Communications Officer)
  • Auroni Gupta
  • Charles Hang (retired)
  • Andrew Hart
  • Chuhern Hwang
  • Ike Jose
  • Hannah Kirsch
  • Jonathan Magin
  • Will Nediger
  • Cameron Orth (retired)
  • Shawn Pickrell
  • Bernadette Spencer
  • George Stevens
  • Daichi Ueda
  • Andy Watkins
  • Matt Weiner
  • Dwight Wynne


HSAPQ Website