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==Current Rosters==
==Current Rosters==
[[Luke Tierney]], 2017<br>
Chloe Levine, 2018<br>
Chloe Levine, 2018<br>
Abishrant Panday, 2018<br>
Abishrant Panday, 2018<br>
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Sarah Hamerling, 2015 (Co-Captain 2014-2015)<br>
Sarah Hamerling, 2015 (Co-Captain 2014-2015)<br>
Jonathan Lin, 2015 <br>
Jonathan Lin, 2015 <br>
Albert Tai (Captain 2014-2016)
Albert Tai (Captain 2014-2016)<br>
[[Luke Tierney]], 2017<br>
==Team Website==
==Team Website==

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Hunter College High School
New York, NY
Club President None
Coaches Christopher Chilton
State Championships 2008 NAQT
National Championships 2012 NSC, 2016 HSNCT, 2017 HSNCT
National Appearances HSNCT: 2007, 2008, 2012-2016
PACE NSC: 2008-2016
Program Status Active
School Size 1200

Hunter College High School is a public school located in Manhattan, New York City.


The team was founded in early 2006 by Guy Tabachnick. The team made its first appearance at TJ Fall '06, making the playoffs, and went on to finish 7-3 and tied for 33rd at the 2007 HSNCT. They have been an East Coast powerhouse ever since.

After taking 2nd place at the the 2011 NSC, the team continued to make their imposing presence known throughout the 2011-2012 school year, culminating in the Lily Chen-led team defeating Bellarmine in a one-match final to snag their first national championship at the 2012 NSC. Their B-team finished 17th as the highest-ranked B-team in attendance. At the 2012 HSNCT, they finished tied for 5th. Coincidentally, their B-team also finished 33rd.

At the 2012 National History Bee and Bowl, a subset of the 2012 team roster led by Richard Yu won the National History Bowl title. At the Bee finals held at Mount Vernon, Richard tied for second place.

Though a large number of the team's players graduated, the team continued to prove itself a worthy adversary in the 2013-2014 school year. Led by Zihan Zheng, it continued to win local tournaments and won 13th place at the 2013 NSC due to the impressive performances of Zihan himself, with help from lit specialist Marianna Zhang and talented generalist Wilton Rao.

The team is currently being led by Albert Tai.

Hunter won the 2016 and 2017 HSNCT.


Hunter hosted its first tournament, the 2008 Prison Bowl, on January 19th, 2008. The questions were generally hailed as being of high quality and are available here. Prison Bowl II, a collaboration with Walter Johnson, happened in January 2009, and Prison Bowls III and IV, head-edited by Lily Chen, occurred in the springs of 2010 and 2011 to critical acclaim. Prison Bowl, still traditionally housewritten by members of the Hunter team, continues to be one of the most popular tournaments in the East Coast.

Hunter has also hosted a novice tournament, often a mirror of SCOP Novice, every fall since 2011.

More information on the various tournaments can be found here: https://sites.google.com/site/hchsquizbowl/prison-bowl

Current Rosters

Chloe Levine, 2018
Abishrant Panday, 2018
Sam Brochin, 2018
Daniel Ma, 2019
Gilad Avrahami, 2018
David Godovich, 2018
Brian Huang, 2018
Brian Lu, 2019
Ada-Marie Gutierrez, 2018
Alice Lin, 2018
Diane Hwangpo, 2018
Rachel Yang, 2021
Cerulean Ozarow, 2021
Helen Lyons, 2021
Ella Leeds, 2021
Jeremy Kim, 2020

Notable Alumni

Guy Tabachnick, 2009 (Captain, 2005-2009)
Tony Cheng, 2009
Maggie Tse, 2009
Lily Chen, 2012 (Captain, 2009-2012)
York Chen, 2012
Paul Moschetti, 2012
David Xu, 2012
Richard Yu, 2012
Wilton Rao, 2013
Zihan Zheng, 2013 (Co-Captain, 2012-2013)
Marianna Zhang, 2014 (Co-Captain 2012-2013, Captain 2013-2014)
Sarah Hamerling, 2015 (Co-Captain 2014-2015)
Jonathan Lin, 2015
Albert Tai (Captain 2014-2016)
Luke Tierney, 2017

Team Website


Succession of Titles