Justin French

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Justin/e Allen French
Noted Subjects:
Science, Literature, Mathematics, Krasznahorkai, Fine Arts, Generalism
Current Collegiate Team UCLA (2018–)
Past Collegiate Teams None
High School Team Crystal Springs (2014-18)
Middle School Team None

Justin Allen French or Justine Allen French is a player at UCLA alongside Anishka Bandara. Earlier, they had attended Crystal Springs and transformed it into a California powerhouse. Though a strong player, they are particularly notable for their public avowal of many radical stances and for their dogged promotion of authors Krasznahorkai and Juan Rulfo.

They wrote for NASAT 2019, Chicago Open 2019, ACF Fall 2019, as well as the side event RULFO. They also head-edited CALISTO and SATURNALIA.

Public stances

Justin gained notoriety early in their collegiate career for emphasizing that quizbowl should be exclusively on "real knowledge" and shunning the concept of carding. Their advocacy for aspects of world literature and art outside of the quizbowl canon brought them to incorporate them into the distribution of RULFO.

More recently, they have become well-known for their staunch opposition to ACF's packet-submission requirement, and for promoting the open-application writing model of SATURNALIA as an alternative way to recruit new question writers into the community.