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Kurtis and Ashvin's Backyard Open
Competition season Summer 2012
Head editor(s) Kurtis Droge
Difficulty Open
First mirror August 4, 2012
Announcement link
Packets link

KABO (Kurtis and Ashvin's Backyard Open) was a summer open set written in 2012 by Kurtis Droge and Ashvin Srivatsa. In addition to the main site at Michigan, there were mirrors at Maryland, Waterloo, and Valencia.


Region Host Date TD Winner Runner-up Individual high scorer Stats
Midwest Michigan August 4, 2012 Kurtis Droge Daredevils (Rob Carson, Jerry Vinokurov, Bernadette Spencer, and Aaron dos Remedios) Tie: Roman Midgets (Andrew Hart, Trevor Davis, Alex Gerten, and Joe Hansen) and Libo Leading People (Siddhant Dogra, Neil Gurram, Ike Jose, and Libo Zeng) Andrew Hart Stats
Mid-Atlantic Maryland August 4, 2012 Gary Weiser The Thugnificent Ambersons (Cody Voight, Matt Weiner, Ted Gioia, Eric Mukherjee) El Colonel Stinkmeaner No Tienre Que L'Escribe (David Seal, Seth Teitler, Matt Jackson, Spence Weinreich) Jonathan Magin Stats
Canada Waterloo August 18, 2012 Huma Zafar Ottawa McMaster A Brendan McKendy Stats
Florida Valencia August 25, 2012 "Boris" Chris Borglum Billy Beyer Billy Beyer Stats
Southwest Rice September 1, 2012 ? Rice A CRACK (Daniel Chapman, Benji Nguyen, Daniel Chupin, and Aaron Pellowski) Henry Gorman [texasquizbowl.org/d/@120901KABO/ Stats]

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