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The Kansas City Suburban Conference is a conference of Missouri schools from the Kansas City metropolitan area. The conference is divided into 4 divisions based on school size, each of which hosts a conference championship tournament. Prior to the conference championships, there is a conference Quads tournament in which schools from all divisions participate.

2008-2009 Schools

Big 7 ("Gold")

Big 6 ("Red")

Mid 6 ("White")

Small 6 ("Blue")

Known Conference Champions

To 2004

Prior to 2005, there were only three divisions.

Year Big 8 Mid 8 Small 8
2002 Blue Springs ? ?
2003 Liberty ? ?
2004 Liberty ? ?

Since 2005

Year Big 7 Big 6 Mid 6 Small 6
2005 Liberty ? ? ?
2006 Liberty ? ? ?
2007 North Kansas City ? ? ?
2008 North Kansas City Truman ? ?
2009 Liberty Truman North Kansas City ?
2010 Liberty


Suburban Conference Quads is an annual tournament in January and/or February. The tournament typically consists of three preliminary days of competition, which take place on weekday evenings, and typically consist of four teams at each of the several sites (hence the name "quads"). After the three preliminary days, the top 4 teams in Varsity and JV advance to the finals.

For much of the existence of the tournament, each competition date took place on successive weeks (for instance, every Wednesday). While this would not be too big a deal for teams playing pretty much anywhere else in the country, asinine MSHSAA rules limit players to 14 tournaments a year, and since a tournament is defined as occurring within a 7 day period, any player attending all 4 days of competition eats up 4 of their 14 allowable tournaments. Fortunately, the 2009 edition took place in one week (February 24-27), though there were apparently several complaints about how this worked out. The tournament returned to the multiple Wednesdays schedule in 2010.

Recently, North Kansas City and Liberty have not participated in quads, partially due to MSHSAA's 14 tournament restriction and the length of the Quads tournament conflicting with the fact that they actually travel to good tournaments.


The tournament has traditionally been run in a four-quarter format, with questions from various sources over the years, mostly of terrible quality. One notorious incident occurred in 2005, where one packet had multiple verbatim repeats from earlier quarters in the same packet

In 2008, quads used questions from Shawn Pickrell. Even though the provided rounds were presumably in MSHSAA format, the games were 20 tossup with 4-part rebounding bonuses, or the 2nd and 4th quarters of a MSHSAA game. In 2009, quads used NAQT IS-84A with rebounding bonuses and no negs, making it one of the few tournaments in the state using decent questions in a year plagued by complete crap from Questions Galore. The tournament returned to a four quarter format on Questions Galore in 2010.


The tournament has been run for many years, but only results from 2005 and later are known. Links in the year column go to the corresponding thread on the Missouri Academic Competition Message Board.

Year Varsity Champion Varsity Runner-Up JV Champion JV Runner-up
2005 Liberty Oak Park Lee's Summit Blue Springs
2006 ? ? ? ?
2007 Blue Springs Oak Park(?) Truman Park Hill
2008 Blue Springs Park Hill ? ?
2009 Truman Park Hill Park Hill Truman
2010 Lee's Summit Park Hill South Lee's Summit Park Hill