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Kellenberg Memorial High School
Kellenberg Memorial.jpg
Uniondale, New York
Club Presidents Aidan York
Coaches Bro. Nigel Pratt
State Championships NAQT Upstate NY: 2009
National Championships None
National Appearances HSNCT: 2007-2013; 2015-2018
PACE NSC: 2009, 2013, 2014
Program Status Active
School Size Unknown
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Kellenberg Memorial High School is a Marianist college preparatory high school located in Uniondale on Long Island. They made their first quizbowl appearance in 1996 at the Half Hollow Hills West Invitational with one team composed of students hand-picked by Bro. Nigel Pratt, S.M., the founder, from the school's National Honor Society. The team won the tournament in 2008.

Kellenberg Memorial is also the only high school that is the subject of a NAC question, apparently Chip Beall's favorite of the 2006 NAC tournament:

"Brother Kenneth Hoagland called off what event at Roman Catholic Kellenberg Memorial High School for what he calls the decadence surrounding the event after watching families charter boats and rent expensive houses for parties?" (Ans. Senior prom)

However, it is not something that the team is particularly proud of.

Kellenberg has traditionally been regarded as among the best teams on Long Island. They, along with Smithtown, dominated the entire island continually from 2000 until 2005; both teams made deep runs at the then-dominant NAC. Kellenberg has continued its dominance of the local circuit continually since then, competing in recent times with North Babylon, Great Neck South, and Port Jefferson. They place very highly in all tournaments they compete in and have won multiple tournaments throughout the Northeast. They are also known for competing in a very large number of tournaments each year and driving to them in an old minibus driven by Brother Nigel.

Kellenberg has been the host of the Long Island Fall Tournament for over 15 years.


The team left the NAC for the first time in 2007 to attend NAQT HSNCT. They went 5-5 and, as a result, did not make playoffs. Led by Nik Churik, they then catapulted to t-11 in the 2008 HSNCT, their best record ever, but fell to t-27 in 2009. Still led by Churik, they again tied for 27th in 2010, and fell to 33rd in 2011, after which Churik graduated. They again fell in 2012 to t-71, led by Joseph Levano, and fell out of contention in 2013; however, they rebounded in 2015 to t-53 with Levano at the helm.

After not qualifying for playoffs in 2016, Kellenberg came back with a 7-5 record in 2017, with junior Evan Katsounis leading them to a t-65 finish. The following year, Katsounis again led the team, this time to t-51 at the 2018 HSNCT.

In the PACE NSC, they placed 28th in their first appearance in 2009. However, they did not place in 2013 and improved to a t-58 finish in 2014. They have not returned since.

Tournament Victories

This list is Incomplete and only includes NAQT Tournaments.

Notable Alumni

  • Aidan York '20
  • Kate Long '19
  • Natalie Jean-Michel '19
  • Tyler Martinus '19
  • Evan Katsounis '18
  • Matt York '16
  • Joseph John Levano '15
  • Nik Churik '11
  • James Lasker '10
  • Marisol Brady '09
  • Brendan Anderson '05

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