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{{Infobox|Name = Lawrence Sung
{{Infobox|Name = Lawrence Sung
|Image = https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EQhOQUHU0AAfcCk?format=jpg&name=large
|Image =  
|Subjects = General, History, Current Events
|Subjects = General, History, Current Events
|highschool = [[Arcadia|Arcadia High School]]
|highschool = [[Arcadia|Arcadia High School]]

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Lawrence Sung
Noted Subjects:
General, History, Current Events
Current Collegiate Team None
Past Collegiate Teams None
High School Team Arcadia High School
Middle School Team None

Lawrence "Sungus" Sung (class of 2021) is a player for Arcadia High School. He also competes for Arcadia's History Bowl team.

Individual career

He is a two-time history bee regional finalist. At the 2018 National History Bowl championship, he lead Arcadia's JV team to finish 56th in the country. At the peak of his quizbowl career, he managed 5 powers, 8 tens, and 9 negs, on the 2018-2019 iteration of HFT. But when Arcadia Quizbowl needed him most, he vanished.


Lawrence is an avid member of the Arcadia Unified School District Digital Communications Internship Program (DCI), the Arcadia Bridge the Divide club, Arcadia's Speech and Debate team, the Arcadia Taiwanese Appreciation Club, Arcadia High School's Peer Mentors program, and he considers himself to be a proud patriot.