Livingston March Madness

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The Livingston March Madness Tournament is a high school tournament hosted by Livingston High School. It was first held in 2009.


Year Packet set Field size First place Second place Third place Fourth place
2009 IS-81 42 Bergen Academies A Millburn A East Brunswick A / Seton Hall Prep A
2010 IS-90 42 Seton Hall Prep A Kellenberg A Bergen Academies / Millburn A
2011 IS-100 32 Seton Hall Prep A MAST A East Brunswick A / Millburn A
2013 IS-122 48 Ridgewood A High Tech B Hunter A / Ranney
2014 IS-132 41 Ridgewood High Tech A Hunter A MAST A
2016 IS-154 36 High Tech A Ithaca A East Brunswick A Bergen Academies
2017 IS-164 36 Hunter A Lehigh Valley High Tech A Downingtown STEM
2018 IS-174 48 High Tech Hunter A Lehigh Valley Downingtown STEM
2019 IS-183 42 Troy Wilmington Charter Millburn A Hunter A