Long Island Fall Tournament

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The Long Island Fall Tournament, commonly referred to as LIFT, is an annual tournament taking place each fall at Kellenberg Memorial High School in Uniondale, New York. Prior to 2007, it was co-hosted by Northport High School.

In early years, teams were placed in brackets of 7 or 8 and the top teams advanced to a single-elimination playoff. In more recent years, brackets of 6 have been used, with the most recent iterations using parallel playoff brackets. The tournaments have used NAQT IS-sets since 2003; prior to that, four-quarter questions by Questions Unlimited were used.


Year Champion Second Third Fourth Field size
XXI (2022) Hunter A Wilton Woodland Darien A 21 [1]
XX (2021) Choate A Darien A Hunter A John P. Stevens A 20 [2]
XIX (2019) High Tech A East Brunswick A Clarke A Wheatley A 24 [3]
XVIII (2018) Hunter A High Tech A Millburn A Island Trees A 34 [4]
XVII (2017) Millburn A Hunter A Commack A Bard Early College Manhattan A 36 [5]
XVI (2016) Hunter A High Tech A Livingston A Jessamine 36 [6]
XV (2015) High Tech A Great Neck South A Livingston A Bergen County Academies A 36 [7]
XIV (2014) Wilmington Charter A Ransom Everglades A Saint Joseph A Great Neck South A 48 [8]
XIII (2013) High Tech A Saint Joseph A Livingston A North Babylon A 48 [9]
XII (2012) Millburn A High Tech C Saint Joseph A High Tech A 28 [10]
XI (2011) Hunter A Saint Joseph A White Plains A Ardsley A 40 [11]
X (2010) Seton Hall Prep White Plains A Saint Joseph A North Babylon A 21 [12]
IX (2009) Wilmington Charter A Saint Joseph A Hunter A Bergen A 56 [13]
VIII (2008) Hunter A Stuyvesant A Hunter B Bergen A 36 [14]
VII (2007) Wilmington Charter A Moravian A Georgetown Day Hunter 68 [15]
VI (2006) Gonzaga Mansfield A Stuyvesant A Stuyvesant B 50 [16]
V (2005) Bergen A Wilmington Charter A Bloomfield A White Plains A 31 [17]
IV (2004) White Plains A Bloomfield A Smithtown A Saint Anthony's A 32 [18]
III (2003) Half Hollow Hills West A Ward Melville A Bloomfield A Ward Melville D 24 [19]
II (2002) Smithtown A Half Hollow Hills West A Friends Academy A Half Hollow Hills West B ???
I (2001) Half Hollow Hills West A Friends Academy A Half Hollow Hills West B Syosset ???