Melanie Keating

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Melanie Keating
Melanie Keating.jpg
Noted subjects Archaeology, Greco-Roman Myth, Art History
Current college Minnesota (2010-Present)
Past colleges None
High school Naperville North (2006-2010) (Scholastic Bowl)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT

Melanie Keating is a junior at the University of Minnesota. She is a frequent teammate of Eliza Grames due to a fondness for giggling and not taking quizbowl too seriously. She will be serving as the Special Events Coordinator for the club in the Spring of 2013.



Melanie has written for various packet submission tournaments, including 2011 and 2012 MUT submissions, some questions from which survived and were used in the actual tournament. She also contributed to the failed ACF Nationals packet submission with Eliza Grames, Han Li, and Peter Estall that was never submitted due to an awful 14-line short story on the Battle of Bannockburn written by Peter Estall and a lack of funds to attend the tournament.

She contributed numerous fine arts, myth, and social science questions to the 2011 iteration of the Minnesota High School Novice Tournament. For the 2012 version of MHSNT, she will be serving as a subject editor for mythology, visual arts, and probably some other categories at her whim.

Her most impressive writing accomplishment is bound to be Never Say Never: Anything Goes - an awful trash tournament that she is co-writing with Eliza Grames to be played in Fall 2013.


Melanie served as tournament director for the Minnesota mirror of 2011 Fall Novice Tournament and brought in a solid number of teams to compete in that.

  • 2012-2013 Minnesota Special Events Coordinator for Spring '13 after returning from study abroad and taking over the position from Shannon Fletcher.