Michael Kearney

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Michael Kearney
Noted subjects Classics
Past colleges Yale (2016-2020)
Stats HDWhite • NAQT
Not to be confused with Michael Kearney (prodigy and Vanderbilt alum).

Michael Kearney played quizbowl at Yale from 2016 to 2020 and served as the president of Yale's quizbowl club in 2019–2020. He has impressive knowledge of classics. Michael was the ACF Nationals Tournament Director for ACF and served as the interim Site Coordinator in 2021.


Michael edited Ancient & Other History, as well as some poetry, for 2021 ACF Regionals, where he used a bonus submitted by Purdue player Sarah Benner on Procopius's The Buildings after a coincidental encounter with a professor at a barbershop in real life.[1] He head-edited BHSAT in 2020 and has directed several tournaments at Yale. He also wrote for PIANO and 2019 Chicago Open. Michael became a provisional member of ACF in 2020 and served as Interim Site Coordinator in mid-2021.[2]

Michael is also an active member of the Certamen community who organizes tournaments, writes questions, and contributes open-access resources and is experimenting with introducing detailed stats to Certamen.


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