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Mike Cheyne
Noted Subjects:
American History, The Bible, Baseball, Film
Current Collegiate Team Minnesota (2008-Present)
Past Collegiate Teams None
High School Team Kent City (1998-2002)
Stats n/a

Mike Cheyne is a first-year grad student at the University of Minnesota in the field of American Studies. Prior to attending Minnesota, he earned a BA at Grand Valley State University in 2006 and a MA at Western Michigan University in 2008. The 2008-2009 season was his first playing collegiate quiz bowl.

In high school, Mike played for Kent City High School in Michigan, where his team captured two Class C/D state championships and won the inaugural NAQT Small School Award in 2002.

Mike's areas of knowledge are mostly related to his life and area of study. Because he has a BA and a MA in American history, he is pretty competent at that. Due to a brief flirtation with the idea of attending seminary for a Masters in Divinity, he has a solid Bible knowledge. He worked for a summer at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and thus has good old-timey baseball knowledge.

Mike hopes to play quiz bowl while pursuing his PhD, but recognizes that the pressures of academia will probably consume him within a year or so.



  • EFT mirror at Illinois: 4-8 record on Minnesota C (Sean Skaar, Kaylea Palmer, Joe Hansen), tenth overall scorer
  • Minnesota Open: 9-5 record on Minnesota B (Brendan Byrne, Joe Hansen, Tom Soderholm, Lauren Johnson)
  • Rob Pilatus Memorial Tournament: some so-so record, can't remember (Brendan Byrne, Joe Hansen, Sean Skaar)
  • JECHT: 0-1 initially (with Sean Skaar) and then undefeated to clear the field after reconfiguration (with Sean Skaar, Rob Carson, and for a little while, Trevor Davis)
  • Tartan Tussle: 8-3 record on sole Minnesota team (Joe Hansen, Lauren Johnson), second non-spurious overall scorer
  • ACF Fall site at Minnesota: 8-5 record on Minnesota B (Joe Hansen, Bernadette Spencer, Sean Skaar), sixth overall scorer
  • Illinois Open: 5-7 record on Minnesota B (Joe Hansen, Tom Soderholm, Lauren Johnson)
  • RMPFest at Illinois Open: 2-8, partnered with Tom Soderholm
  • TRASH Regionals Midwest at Illinois: 9-1 record on "Car Ramrod" (Steve Katz, and David and Jenny from Florida State), non-spurious high scorer
  • T-Party mirror at Lawrence: 6-6 record on "Moneysota: It Feathers a Nest" (Rob Carson, Bernadette Spencer, Gautam Kandlikar)
  • ACF Winter at Carleton: 4-7 record on Minnesota B (Joe Hansen, Bernadette Spencer, Lauren Johnson)
  • Penn Bowl mirror at Iowa: 12-0 record to clear field on Minnesota A (Andrew Hart, Rob Carson, Brendan Byrne)
  • SCT North at Carleton: 12-2 record on Minnesota B (Rob Carson, Bernadette Spencer, Gautam Kandlikar), eighth overall scorer
  • ACF Regionals Upper Midwest at Chicago: 4-7 record on Minnesota B (Bernadette Spencer, Joe Hansen, Lauren Johnson)
  • GARBAGE mirror at Chicago: 6-4 record on "Geography and Love" (Rob Carson, Andrew Hart, Jeet Raut), high scorer
  • FICHTE mirror at Illinois: 4-6 record playing with Jonathan Magin, Bernadette Spencer, and Michael P. Hill
  • The Experiment II: 7-2-1 record (first place) playing with Seth Teitler, Tom Soderholm, and Trevor Davis
  • ICT at Dallas: 7-6 record on Minnesota B (Bernadette Spencer, Tom Soderholm, Sean Skaar)
  • ACF Nationals at St. Louis: 6-10 overall on Minnesota B (Bernadette Spencer, Joe Hansen, Lauren Johnson)
  • Geography Monstrosity: 2-4 on a team of Brendan Byrne, Andrew Hart, and a guy from Chaska that I don't recall
  • Gaddis II: 4-5, playing with Rob Carson, Dallas Simons, Tommy Casalaspi, Jimmy Ready
  • Chicago Open: 2-10, on "Cheyne of Fools" (Carsten Gehring, Frank Firke, and Kent Buxton)
  • Chicago Open Literature Doubles: 3-3, with Auroni Gupta
  • Ferdinand Tonnies Trash Tournament at Chicago Open: 7-2-1 on "The Unparallelled Adventure of Dan Passner" (Dan Passner, Evan Nagler, Ted Stratton), third highest scorer in the prelims

Things Written

  • COMICS with George Berry
  • Contributor to the 2009 MUT set
  • Currently working on a vanity lit set to be played at Minnesota Open