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Mike Cheyne
Noted Subjects:
American History, The Bible, Baseball, Film
Current Collegiate Team Minnesota (2008-Present)
Past Collegiate Teams None
High School Team Kent City (1998-2002)
Stats n/a

Mike Cheyne is a grad student at the University of Minnesota in American Studies. He previously played high school quizbowl at Kent City High School in Michigan, where his most "notable" accomplishment is being on the team that won the first Small School Award at the 2002 HSNCT. Mike received a BA at Grand Valley State University and a MA at Western Michigan University, but did not play collegiate quizbowl from 2002 to 2008.

Mike is a humanities-based generalist, with his greatest strengths coming in American history and literature. For his first two years at Minnesota, he mainly played on the B team, achieving his greatest success in 2010 when he was the leading scorer at his ACF Regionals site and more importantly, led an ICT team into the second bracket. In 2010-2011, Mike moved up to the A team, and was the fourth scorer on the Minnesota team which placed second at both ICT and ACF Nationals.

Mike is a good trash player and has won several scoring prizes. He led a team in winning the inaugural CULT trash national championship, and his CO trash teams have had solid finishes. He has led teams in finishing second at two TRASH Regionals.

He has edited the 2010 T-Party, the 2010 and 2011 MUT, and the 2010 Minnesota Open. He is noted for writing a number of occasionally rather silly side events, ranging from a vanity literature set at the 2009 Minnesota Open, an all-comic books event with George Berry, an all-television set that was played at various sites, and numerous shootout type packets. He was a writer for HSAPQ during the 2009-2010 season and wrote a few questions for NASAT and the NSC.