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* [[Sam Haynes]] (2012-2016)
* [[Sam Haynes]] (2012-2016)
==External Links==
[http://www.moqba.org Missouri Quizbowl Alliance]
*[http://www.moqba.org Missouri Quizbowl Alliance]
*[https://www.facebook.com/MissouriQBA MOQBA Facebook page]
*[https://www.twitter.com/MissouriQBA MOQBA Twitter page]
[https://www.facebook.com/MissouriQBA MOQBA Facebook page]
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[https://www.twitter.com/MissouriQBA MOQBA Twitter page]
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The Missouri Quizbowl Alliance (MOQBA) is an organization that promotes the proliferation of good quizbowl in the state of Missouri through hosting tournaments, certifying other tournaments and performing outreach activities. In addition, MOQBA sponsors the Missouri NASAT team and awards a Student Involvement award.

Current Members

Tournament Summary

Season High School Middle School
Events MO
Out of state
Events MO
2008-2009 6 49 111 5 teams from 4 schools MOQBA did not certify
Middle School tournaments
until 2014-2015
2009-2010 13 83 212 18 teams from 11 schools
2010-2011 18 84 291 17 teams from 10 schools
2011-2012 28 113 518 12 teams from 10 schools
2012-2013 25 113 450 9 teams from 5 schools
2013-2014 24 110 463 6 teams from 4 schools
2014-2015 23 111 463 2 teams from 2 schools 4 18 72
2015-2016 24 123 551 9 teams from 3 schools 6 22 112

Formation (2008-2009)

MOQBA was founded in September 2008 to unify the efforts of good quizbowl advocates in and near Missouri to improve Missouri quizbowl. The organization was publicly announced on October 31, 2008. The name and idea were modeled after similar efforts in other states such as Minnesota, Oklahoma and Texas.

The founding members - Jeffrey Hill, Alex Dzurick, Matt Chadbourne, Charles Dees and Paul Nelson - formed the group in recognition of the fact that high school quizbowl in Missouri has not kept up with the national trend; questions are still mostly one-liners and generally written poorly. Additionally, restrictions imposed by MSHSAA significantly limit teams from becoming part of the national circuit. MOQBA's objective thus became to finally advance the status of quizbowl in Missouri. In its first year, MOQBA focused on increasing awareness of good quizbowl formats and promoting tournaments that adhered to the principles of good quizbowl.

MOQBA certified six tournaments in the 2008-2009 season: the Missouri Fall Academic Tournament, Missouri S&T Fall Tournament, Tiger Bowl, WUHSAC XI, the NAQT Missouri Qualifier, and the Missouri S&T Spring Tournament.

8 Missouri teams attended the 2009 HSNCT. Francis Howell Central was the only Missouri team to advance to the playoffs, finishing tied for 27th overall.


In the 2009-2010 season, the number of MOQBA certified events more than doubled. Additionally, MOQBA helped to organize a mirror of the 2009 Fall Novice set at North Kansas City. The 2010 NAQT Missouri Qualifier was the first tournament formally hosted by MOQBA as an organization, on March 20 at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

MOQBA hosted the MOQBA Pre-Nationals Tournament a week before HSNCT; unfortunately, due to the organization's understanding of a new MSHSAA rule at the time the tournament was planned and announced, participation by Missouri teams was limited to those that had qualified for a national tournament during the regular season. It was discovered in the weeks before the tournament that the applicable rule (Section 4-C of the 2009-2010 Academic Competition Manual) appears to allow any team to participate in a single non-MSHSAA-hosted tournament between Districts and Memorial Day weekend [1], so future iterations of the tournament do not have this restriction.

MOQBA sponsored Missouri's team at the 2010 NASAT at Vanderbilt, which consisted of Sabrina Fritz, Grant Gates, Ikshu Neithalath, and Nick Rupel, and was coached by Paul Nelson. The team finished 12th of 16 teams with a record of 5-11.

Throughout this season, MOQBA emphasized increased Missouri participation at HSNCT and NSC through its website, a national bids thread on the Missouri Academic Competition Message Board recognizing teams that qualified for these tournaments, and increased exposure at MOQBA certified events. Thirteen Missouri teams attended the 2010 HSNCT, while Holden attended the NSC. Unfortunately, none advanced to the playoffs at these tournaments.


There were eighteen MOQBA certified tournaments on the 2010-11 calendar, of which ten were certified the previous season. MOQBA hosted the 2011 NAQT Missouri Qualifier on March 5 at Missouri-Columbia. At the qualifier, MOQBA presented its first ever MOQBA Award for Outstanding Student Involvement, an as-needed award that recognizes extraordinary contributions by students. The inaugural award was presented to Sam Haynes (see below).

In May 2011, MOQBA received the Benjamin Cooper Young Ambassador Award from PACE "in recognition of their work both in tournament direction and personal advising to younger, newer players leading to the recent incredible improvement of the independent circuit in Missouri."

8 Missouri teams attended the 2011 HSNCT in Atlanta and 8 attended the NSC in Chicago. Ladue tied for 13th at HSNCT, with North Kansas City and Savannah also advancing to the playoffs.

MOQBA sponsored the NASAT team at the 2011 tournament in Maryland, consisting of Craig Chval, Sabrina Fritz, Ikshu Neithalath and Ben Zhang. MOQBA member Jason Loy served as coach.


This was the busiest season yet for MOQBA, as thirty tournaments were certified on the MOQBA calendar across the state (although two were cancelled due to lack of interest). Sixteen new events debuted alongside fourteen existing events. The 2012 NAQT Missouri Qualifier was held on March 3 at Missouri, where the second Student Involvement award was presented to Max Schindler.

13 Missouri teams attended the 2012 HSNCT in Atlanta and 14 attended the NSC at Washington University in St. Louis. Ladue finished tied for fifth at HSNCT and eleventh at NSC, and Helias and Savannah also advanced to the HSNCT playoffs.

Jason Loy again coached the state's NASAT team, consisting of Jialin Ding, Alex Meneses, Max Schindler and Ben Zhang. The team competed at the 2012 NASAT at Ohio State, where they took 6th place.


  • New tournaments: Dave Renn Memorial (El Dorado Springs), MOQBA Fall Regionals, MOQBA Winter Invitational, Kickapoo, Hallsville Invitational
  • Recurring tournaments: Tuscumbia Fall, Oakville Novice, Missouri Fall, North Kansas City JV, Tiger Bowl V, Missouri S&T Fall, NKC Varsity, Rock Bridge WIT, Mort Walker, WUHSAC XV, Helias (canceled due to weather), NAQT Missouri Qualifier, LIST III, Parkway West Spring, Pre-Nationals

MOQBA introduced two new series of competitions this year: a Fall Regionals series held on the MSU/UD set, and a Winter Invitational series on a NAQT A-set. Both sets of tournaments featured four sites scattered across the state and were hosted by local schools rather than by MOQBA.

11 Missouri teams attended the 2013 HSNCT in Atlanta, and 4 teams attended NSC in Maryland. Ladue High School brought home a national championship from the 2013 PACE NSC, where they defeated LASA (of Texas). Ladue also came in 2nd place to LASA at the NAQT HSNCT. Ladue B finished tied for 21st at HSNCT, and Hallsville B also advanced to the HSNCT playoffs.

Team Missouri, coached by Jason Loy, also won a national championship at the 2013 NASAT. The team consisted of Max Schindler, Ben Zhang, Jialin Ding, and Haohang Xu, all of Ladue. Their win came over Team Texas.


  • New tournaments: Truman Bowl V, Kickapoo, Three Trails Tournament at Fort Osage, Centralia Autumn, William Chrisman JV, Hallsville Fall, JV State
  • Recurring tournaments: Tuscumbia Fall, Missouri Fall, North Kansas City JV, Rock Bridge WIT, MOQBA Winter Invitationals (3 sites), Tiger Bowl VI, NKC Varsity, Hallsville Invitational II (canceled due to weather), WUHSAC XV, Helias, NAQT Missouri Qualifier, LIST IV
  • Returning tournaments not scheduled the previous season: Ladue Fall Novice, Oakville Varsity, Kewpie Academic Tournament, Jefferson City

Hallsville won the inaugural NAQT Small School National Championship Tournament, the third consecutive pyramidal high school national tournament won by a Missouri team. Mound City and Pilot Grove also attended SSNCT and advanced to the playoffs. Ladue finished fourth at the 2014 PACE NSC and NAQT HSNCT. 10 other Missouri teams also attended HSNCT, where a state record 5 Missouri teams advanced to the playoffs: Hallsville finished tied for 21st, and Savannah, North Kansas City, and Hickman lost their first playoff games.

Team Missouri, coached by Jason Loy, finished eighth out of seventeen teams at NASAT. The team consisted of seniors Jialin Ding, Kisan Thakkar, and Ben Zhang of Ladue, and junior Jared Lockwood of Hallsville.


High School

  • New tournaments: Tuscumbia Winter HS (December), MARS at Fort Osage, Washington, Outstate Missouri Academic Rendezvous
  • Recurring tournaments: Hallsville Fall, Missouri Fall, NKC JV (cancelled due to lack of field), Jefferson City, Centralia Autumn, Three Trails, Orchard Farm Winter Invitational, Waynesville, NKC Varsity, Tuscumbia SCOP Novice (as "Tuscumbia Winter" in January), Tiger Bowl, Hallsville Invitational, WUHSAC, Helias, NAQT Missouri Qualifier, JV State, Oakville Varsity, LIST
  • Returning tournaments not scheduled the previous season: Oakville Novice, Pre-Nationals

The "MOQBA Winter Invitationals" name was retired, but Orchard Farm and Waynesville once again hosted tournaments on an A-Set (141A) on the same weekend. Orchard Farm's tournament used the same eligibility restrictions as the previous Winter Invitationals.

Hallsville finished second at the 2015 SSNCT, losing only two games to tournament champion Harmony Science North Austin. Richland also attended SSNCT, finishing the preliminary rounds undefeated but ultimately finishing 11th in the school's first ever nationals appearance.

With the entire 2014 team returning, Hallsville shockingly only went 5-5 at HSNCT, losing 4 games by 60 or fewer points. Of 11 Missouri teams, Hickman was the only Missouri representative in the playoffs, finishing tied for 53rd. William Gentry from St. Joseph Central was named the top freshman rising star, finishing 41st individually.

Four Missouri teams attended NSC and all finished in the bottom third of the field.

Team Missouri, coached by Jason Loy, finished tenth out of twelve teams at NASAT. The team consisted of seniors Jared Lockwood of Hallsville and Evan Heronemus of Savannah, and juniors Alex Harmata of Hickman and Parth Parikh of Hannibal.

Middle School

This was the first season that MOQBA officially certified middle school tournaments. Four certified tournaments were held: Tuscumbia Fall Tournament, Tuscumbia Winter Tournament, Washington Middle School Tournament, and Camdenton Laker Bowl, each with 18 teams.

Tuscumbia and two teams from Washington attended the 2015 MSNCT. Washington A advanced to the playoffs for the third consecutive year, finishing 40th of 128 teams.


High School

  • New tournaments: Washington University Fall Academic Tournament, MOQBA Fall Tournament, Houston, April Eagle Regional Open
  • Recurring tournaments: Hallsville Fall, Missouri Fall, NKC JV, Oakville Novice, Centralia Autumn, Three Trails, Washington, Orchard Farm Winter Invitational, Tuscumbia Winter (SCOP mirror), NKC Varsity, Hallsville Invitational, WUHSAC, Tiger Bowl, Oakville GSAC, MARS II, NAQT Missouri Qualifier, MACA JV State, Outstate Missouri Academic Rendezvous, Pre-Nationals
  • Returning tournaments not scheduled the previous season: Kewpie Academic Tournament

After six years at the University of Missouri-Columbia, MOQBA hosted the 2016 NAQT Missouri Qualifier at Columbia College. MOQBA also hosted the first MOQBA Fall Tournament at Columbia College.

Forty-eight Missouri teams attended the Washington High Invitational Tournament, becoming the largest MOQBA tournament to date. WUHSAC also had a 48 team field, with 7 of those teams from other states.

A record six Missouri teams attended the 2016 SSNCT, where Hallsville's tied for eleventh finish was once again the top Missouri performance. Centralia, Gainesville, and Pilot Grove also advanced to the playoffs.

A record sixteen Missouri teams attended the 2016 HSNCT, with Hickman's tied for 21st finish being the state's best. Washington A and Rock Bridge A also advanced to the playoffs.

Seven Missouri teams attended NSC, where Hannibal finished in 31st place, tying the best performance by a Missouri team not advancing to the playoffs.

Team Missouri, coached by Jason Loy, finished tied for ninth out of fifteen teams at NASAT. The team consisted of seniors Alex Harmata of Hickman, Parth Parikh and Tim Quintanilla of Hannibal, and junior Joe Stitz of Washington.

Middle School

  • New tournaments: Sullivan, MACA Middle School State
  • Recurring tournaments: Tuscumbia Fall, Tuscumbia Winter, Washington, Camdenton

A record 5 Missouri teams attended the 2016 MSNCT, with all five either finishing 4-4 or 3-5 and not advancing to the playoffs.

MOQBA Award for Outstanding Student Involvement

The Missouri Quizbowl Alliance established the MOQBA Award for Outstanding Student Involvement to recognize contributions made by students to improve quizbowl in the state of Missouri. The award is presented on an as-needed basis at the NAQT Missouri Qualifier. [2]


Former Members

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